Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Messy Corn on the Cob

Last summer I went to DC to meet my cousin for dinner and we ate at Founding Farmers restaurant in Georgetown.  

I loved the concept of the restaurant.  They source their food from local farms in the area.  

Our food was memorable to say the least.  

I have wanted to try this style of corn for a very long time.  Some refer to it as Mexican Style Corn. 

I am just going to admit this now, when I eat something really good I tend to make noises that cause my family to turn their heads.  This was one of those occasions.  I could not help myself, the flavors were fantastic.  I think I said, " mmmmm, this is so good" about a 100 times and then ordered two more.  

I actually dreamed about that corn.  TRUE STORY!

I woke up and ran to the store to buy some more corn on the cob.

When I returned home I wanted to do my own twist on this corn on the cob.  I have recently fallen in love with smoked paprika.  The light went off in my head and this is how my corn became a monthly staple in our home.

Quite honestly I would eat this weekly if my family would allow it.  The best part is the mayonnaise and paprika leave a great mess on your face.  It's hilarious to watch others eat the corn.   We always warn our guest that it will require extra napkins.

This is just another example of how you can take something as simple as corn on the cob and "JAZZ that puppy up" into a gourmet side dish.  

Recipe:  Messy Corn on the Cob

ears of corn, I usually do at least one per person then add 4 more
grated parmesan cheese
green onions, finely sliced
Smoky Paprika Spice Mix (recipe below)

To prepare corn:  

In a large pot, bring your water to a rapid boil.  Add corn for 3 minutes to blanch it.  

On your grill, let the corn get nice and grilled, usually takes 8 -10 minutes.  This offers great flavor to the corn kernels.

When corn is done, remove to a plate.

This is the messy part, slather mayonnaise onto each piece of corn, sprinkle with the smoky paprika spice mix, add your parm cheese and then add a few slices of green onion.

Serve with lots of napkins and corn picks, if you have them.  Your friends will thank you later.

Recipe: Smoky Paprika Spice Mix

1 tablespoon of Smoked  Paprika
1 teaspoon of each of these spices: garlic powder, onion powder and salt
1/2 teaspoon of cumin
1/4 teaspoon of each:  chili powder and pepper

To add spice:  add red cayenne pepper (just be careful and warn people first)

Combine together and store in sealed jar or container.


  1. in Spanish this style of corn is called: elote loco which means crazy corn.

  2. I am totally making these this weekend! I love messy corn on the cobs! YUM:-) Hugs, Terra

  3. I'm trying this recipe this weekend Sherron! This looks so good! Japanese like mayonnaise in cooking and this will hit my spot and I know it!!! :D Have a great weekend!


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