Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jalapeno Bacon and Potato Salad

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During the summer we get invited to several BBQs where the same people are oftentimes invited.  We are asked to bring something and so we do.  The trick is keeping it interesting and not always serving the same thing.  We have our favorite standbys like fruit salad, watermelon, chips or guacamole.

I have to say that THIS is the one dish that I get ASKED to bring to BBQ's the most.  My question is, do they want me or my salad?..LOL  Just kidding friends, I know you want me and my family. But, yes this salad is a show stopper and really, really good.  I like that you can make it as hot as you think your friends can stand it.  We like it hot!

Jalapeno Bacon Potato Salad

This recipe will make enough to serve 6-8 people.  Adjust according to how large of a crowd you will be serving.

8-10 potatoes.  I use a variety of types.  Red, Russet and Golden.  I leave the skins on too.  I like the color.
1 medium red onion, diced
1 cup of Sweet Pickles, diced
1 pound of bacon, cooked crispy and sliced into small pieces
jalapeno's to taste
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup of mayonnaise

In a large pot, add diced potatoes. Cover with water until potatoes are barely covered.  Cook until tender.  The time will vary depending on the size you dice your potatoes.  It usually takes me about 25 minutes.

While potatoes are cooking, dice onion and pickles.  Cook bacon.  We like our bacon crispy.

Jalapeno warning:  Be careful when mincing the jalapeno that you do NOT touch your eyes.  Using gloves can be helpful in this step.  I use jalapenos in the jar, but you can use fresh ones.  The seeds are what make it fiery hot.  You decide how HOT you want this to be.

Once everything is diced, cooked and prepared...add it all to one big bowl and stir.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Written by Sherron Watson

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  1. This is delicious, simply delicious!!!

  2. Wow now this is a show stopper it has many of my favorite things bacon and potato with a kick of jalepeno. Thank you for bringing this to my virtual picnic I will be digging in soon.

  3. Thanks everyone! It's always a crowd pleaser, especially with the adults! Enjoy your day!

  4. Sherron, your photos are spectacular! I love the mixed potatoes in the colander, but the generously peppered mayo speaks to my heart. :) (Visiting from The Culinary Lens picnic -- hi!) Will definitely be making your potato salad!

  5. a little lunch, thank you so much! We love our pepper..the older I get the more I season with it..LOL I loved that picnic...such a grand idea he had!

  6. Thanks! Looks like simple perfection and perfect for football gatherings. Sherron, what I really wish is that I had nothing to do today so I could just hang out on your blog. Seriously. The combination of superb photography AND food warm my heart in ways I can't begin to describe. Total pleasure :)

  7. Thank you Michele for your kind comments. Have a fantastic day!


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