Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Pea Salad

I have been craving this salad for two weeks.  I kept forgetting to buy the frozen peas until Saturday.  I sent the hubster to the store and he came home with the PEAS!  Yeah!

I have several family members that have to go back for seconds on this salad, I have to admit, I am one of those family members.

I use Boars Head Jack cheese and Velvetta.  I like the the two cheese's in the recipe because one adds a sharp taste and the other is smooth and soft on your tongue.  I use Lawry's season salt that has no MSG.  I am very sensitive to this flavoring and they do make it now with no MSG.

This is a favorite at BBQ's or Sunday dinner.  I like to make it in the morning to give the seasoning and flavors a chance to BLOOM. It can be made right before too.  ENJOY

Green Pea Salad  

1 bag of frozen Peas,  3-4 cups of peas

½ cup of diced Celery
½ cup of diced Onion
½ cup Jack or Cheddar Cheese, cubed
½ cup velvetta cheese, cubed
2 Hard boiled eggs, diced
Lawrys salt to taste
½ cup Mayo

Mix and refrigerate for an hour. Serve.  I like to add extra celery and onion. You can adjust the ingredients to what your family likes.  Add more or less to make it your own.

Written by Sherron Watson

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