Friday, June 8, 2012

St. Michael's, Maryland

Maryland is my home.  It is a place that I could never have imagined living 5, 10, 15 years ago.  I was raised on the West Coast and the furtherest east that I have lived was a short stint in Illinois with my hubby and kids.  I always longed to come to this side of the United States.

Have you ever felt that you were born at the wrong time in history?  This has been me almost my entire life.  I enjoy modern technology and the conveniences that I have in my home but my inner soul has always wanted to be challenged and tested when it comes to living in the past.  I have longed for the old world, I guess.  Not the struggles, famine, disease and hardship which seems to be prevalent in every generation and era,  but the desire to build my own home, bake my own bread, make my own clothes, quilt my own quilts and live without technology (just for a while…wink, wink).

Moving back East has given me a chance to visit these very old towns.  I love the feeling these towns have of enveloping you in their quaintness and history when you enter.  I immediately imagine how life would have been 50, 100, 200 or even 400 years ago.  I try to put myself into this town during those periods.

How would I dress, who would my family be, did I work, did I become a Mom, would I have lived a long life?  So many questions and what ifs.  This is a fun game to me.

As we entered St. Michaels I was taken back to a time of narrow roads,  wrought iron fences, shuttered windows, ivy covered walls (that only happen after being around for years), and replica boats in the small harbor.

I view my life as a journey.  One in which I control how I learn and experience my life.  Traveling is a huge part of who I am.  When I travel to unique and different places I am able to experience what life may have been for those past generations living in these beautiful places.

I have been here for a year and I don't see myself leaving any time soon.  I am excited to take my camera and venture out from the comforts of my home and share with you this beautiful state that I now call home, Maryland.

I hope to make it to the other wonderful areas that I am near and learn all about the histories and stories of the people that have lived in DC, PA, MA, NY, DE, VA, NC, SC, WVA and so many more states.

I have my work cut out for me..LOL

Enjoy the pictures and sites of St. Michaels, Maryland.

This was a fence line in front of a B&B as we walked down to the Maritime Museum.  I love the yellow flowers poking their way out from under the white picket fence.

Another B&B,  look at that date! WOW, the time of top hats and hoop skirts.

Cemeteries are such a fun place to explore.  These were so covered with moss that you could only ready them if you stood at the side or used your finger to trace the letters.  Even this was tricky as they were very old and some of the stone has been worn with time and weather. 

Isabella is participating in the Disney's Channels' Minnie Mouse Travel Game.  When we go somewhere she takes a picture and we submit it and they use it for different things.

We were all shocked to see jelly fish.  The picture above is the original and the one below is what I was able to gleen from it so you could see the whole thing. 

We at at Carpenters Street Saloon…excellent food.

We were captivated by this old and very large tree.  What would cause a tree to twirl during it's growth process?

I love seeing the detail that is apparent all through the town.

Guess what those baskets are used for?  Crabs….yum.

My girls, Isabella and Rye.  We had a great time.

Another large tree.  This one was in the cemetery.  The color of the leaves is the same color of the moss or pollen that has built up on the tomb stones.

We could not resist the silly picture…LOL What a catch Rye!

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  1. I feel like I've just been there with you, thanks for sharing your day! When you decide to go to DE, make sure to make it to Bellevue State Park and the Hagley Museum. Both were originally DuPont Estates. There are many more but both of those were favorites of mine growing up.


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