Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fried Rice with Egg, Onion and Ham

I know that several times over the past few months I have mentioned that the Hubster ( hubby) has made dinner.  I have laughed because every time he does make dinner it is spaghetti.  I have learned through others that this is a common occurrence among the other husband/wife teams.  It's not that his spaghetti is's awesome and we love it!  We just all know that when he announce's that he is making dinner we all say together..."SPAGHETTI RIGHT?" and we laugh, he laughs too.

Were we in for a surprise on the day he announced he was making dinner and changed it up a bit.  He made the best...and I mean....the best fried rice ever!  As a child I lived in the Philippines and still remember the flavor of the fried rice they would serve and it was so tasty.  My first bite of the Hubster's rice immediately took me back to when I was a child...he hit the mark.

We have eaten this rice at least twice a week for the last two weeks!  We are like that.  If we love a food or a dish, we eat as much of it as we can.  LOL  But it's more than that, the rice reheats so well.  I have learned, and this might be right or wrong, that you can not put white rice in the does not reheat well and it is hard...YUCK.  So I leave it out on the counter, wrapped or I try to make the perfect amount so we do not waste it.

 This rice reheats!  It's just as wonderful the next day as it was fresh out of the rice cooker.  Our poor rice cooker gets used about 4 times a week.  We love rice and we love it even more with his new recipe.

So today is a recipe that my Hubster created and one that his family loves!  Way to go Daddy Boy!  We love be the Master Chef!  LOL

Recipe:  Fried Rice with Egg and Ham/Bacon

3 cups of rice--We use a Japanese Sushi Rice, it's our favorite.
1 (32) oz. box of Chicken Broth
2 T. butter
2 T. soy sauce ( GF..use Tamari)
1/2 red onion, chopped
2 T. garlic, minced (heaping..his words..LOL)
salt/pepper, to taste
sprinkle of cayenne pepper
2 T. butter/olive oil  (this is for the rice cooker)
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups Ham or Bacon, diced and cooked

In a sauce pan, add the butter.  Saute the onion and garlic together.  Add the soy sauce,  cayenne, salt and pepper.

In your rice cooker, add the rice and chicken broth.  Add your sautéed onion/garlic mix and the remaining butter/oil.  Start your rice cooker.  Ours takes about 25 minutes and yields about 6-7 cups.

While the rice is cooking I scramble and cook the eggs.  I also fry up my ham.  Even though the ham is precooked, the frying of the ham in a small pan brings out so much more flavor to add to the rice.  We have also used bacon.  Fry up your cut bacon to your desired doneness.

You can add the scrambled egg  and ham/bacon directly to the cooked rice or you can add the rice to your egg/meat mixture and fry it for a few minutes in the pan.  This second step adds a hint of browness to your rice and adds a fried flavor....either way is excellent.  For me it depends on how much time I have as to which method I use.  ENJOY

Written by Sherron Watson

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