Sunday, April 5, 2020

Our Week in Review-Recipe Links Included

Each week I am going to keep track of all the recipes I make, activities we do, homeschool sites I use, and anything else I feel will be helpful to my readers. In this process, I am updating recipes with a note for 2020 to let the reader and user know a particular recipe has been tried again. I always appreciate any comments or questions.

I will keep this short and sweet with a few pictures and a brief description. I am very busy, as I am sure many people are, and this is the most efficient way for me to stay blogging, creating, and present for my family.

If I list a product, it is purely because I used it and it worked best for me. I will always let you know if the link is for something I make money from. I am currently not working with any companies for product reviews or product give-a-ways.

1. We made Chicken Divan. The recipe is here:

2. We started officially homeschooling the littles. I have a 7th-grade student and a 1st-grade student. We are using a hybrid approach with a lot of unschooling philosophy. What does this mean? The kids have more control over what they learn for science, history, social studies, language, music, and art. I have worksheets for math, grammar, reading, and writing. We are using a computer program to supplement their interest in school and PC work. The program we are using is Time4Learning. This is not an ad.

3. I made homemade cream of chicken soup for the Chicken Divan (see recipe link above). Making the cream soup from scratch is a much better option for me because I know exactly what the ingredients are. There are no preservatives or MSG added to my homemade recipe. It can also be made gluten-free, just substitute the flour for GF flour.

4. We learned how to use coffee/tea grounds in our garden and potted plants. I love this site and how they explain the benefits. Link here:

5. Cory made breakfast burritos for the week. He included scrambled eggs, potatoes, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, and cheese. All of this was scrambled together and wrapped in a flour tortilla. He makes 5 for the week and has one each morning.

6. We learned about the seed vault in Norway. The kids planted seeds to grow for our garden. We are testing out our kcups to see if they work as seedling starter pots. This is a great way to reuse and repurpose.

This is the video we watched:

7. We learned to make bath bombs from a kit. Our hope is to make bath bombs similar to LUSH. The girls love these and this is a great way to introduce science into our curriculum. I ordered the kits from Blick Art Supply. THIS IS NOT AN AD. We used the STMT kit and it works great.

8. Rye made Deep Fried Pickles. Recipe found here:

9. We made Fish Tacos. Recipe found here:

10.  BBQ sauce from scratch is the best. We made our version and then added as a dipping sauce for Macaroni and Cheese and my whole life has changed. It is so good! I used the BBQ sauce on fresh pork ribs from a local farmer in Siletz. The recipe for the ribs is here:

11. We made homemade Easy Rustic White Bread. Recipe here:

12. I made Rainbow Rice. This is an easy recipe to have for a quick meal in the refrigerator. I usually serve this with an avocado halve, mayonnaise, and Sriracha. Recipe found here:

13. I wrote a post about growing microgreens. The link is here:

14. Rye made Dalgona Coffee and it is amazing! This is whipped instant coffee added to the top of any dairy or non-dairy milk.

15. I made Farmer's Cheese and yogurt using powdered milk. I am working on recipes for these two items. So far, they are really good. I did order my powdered milk from a dairy in Indiana and it is full fat powdered milk (not what you might buy in the grocery store).

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