Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nothing Feels Very Funny at the Moment

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It's April Fools and I'm not feeling the joking spirit like I have in years past. It's been two weeks of staying close to home and social distancing our family from all activities and travel destinations. It feels a bit lonely for some and the essence of our future is beginning to pave a routine and a way of life. It all feels like a joke to me on some days. I think of our time last month. We were deep in rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland, visiting parks, planning vacations, booking hotels to travel to Portland, and setting goals for getting a hot tub, adding a deck, and improving our garden. We were planning and preparing for a life outside of our home, and now, we are planning for a life of existing on our property and using every resource we have at our disposal.

We haven't given up hope of travel in the future or of adding the hot tub and deck. We are still looking forward to a bright future with our family. But now, we are deep in the trenches of beginning to see our life differently. The world is changing and evolving to embrace all of the future transitions this pandemic will surely unveil.

My mother-in-law is convinced the end of the world is coming. I believe she is not wrong. The end of the world as she knows it is coming to an end, but the world itself is not ending. History and science tell us otherwise. We know that the Earth performs cleansings, and realigns itself with all sorts of elements: natural disasters, weather occurrences, pandemics, plagues, meteorites, etc. We just happen to be living during a very historical moment, one in which we have a front-row seat to the changes, of which, include the positive and negative effects of the pandemic.

I am not an expert on why this is happening, but it feels as if we have been heading toward this moment for a long time. I don' know why, but I also don't spend my days questioning it. I am slowly accepting this new normal and doing my best to adjust to the changes personally, as well as, for my family. I believe, our families need us (parents, caregivers, guardians) to be aware and present. I know my own kids need a sense of normality with slow and gradual information about what is happening explained. My 6-year-old is at the point where she doesn't want to hear about another person dying.  Keep in mind we don't watch the news or discuss in detail the events of the pandemic in front of her, but she knows that death is a huge part of her world's existence, and it is alarming to her. She is sensitive to her environment which happens to only include her home at the moment.

So now what? What do we do with everything-travel, school, work, date nights, entertainment- all of it? How do we bring these things to fruition or do we? I know, personally, I am having to recreate a lot of things for my family. We are planning a camping trip in our yard. We are buying music to practice as a symphony at home, we are building a flower garden, we created a trail behind our property to explore the woods for food and adventures, we are saving every piece of plastic, mesh, vial, and box to use for something, we are creating holidays with what we have, I am sewing Ostara gifts, we are making our own candy with molds, the list is endless of what has changed in our lives and how we are adapting.

Where does this blog stand? My blog has been my pride and joy from the beginning. I built this from the ground up when I was in a different transition. We had just left the LDS church, we had spent a year traveling in our motorhome, we had recently landed in Maryland with a new job and a new life. I became pregnant with Finnley. I was starting over in many ways. My blog has changed through the years because I have changed and my life took me to new places and on new journeys, but here I am. Back at square one. Looking at a future that includes many changes and here I am with my blog. Leaning on what I know and sharing it with my readers and future readers, with my kids and family, with me. I want to remember this moment and how I tackled each day, each new challenge, and how I am learning through this too. My blog will include more of how I am adjusting to my new normal. It will include food, updates, homeschooling, art, travel, and everything in between. It will share our family's lifestyle of living at the beach, living in a small community, living on a 1/2 acre, and how we are adjusting to all of this.

Thank you for following, for reading, and especially for commenting. We are staying connected through many unique venues. I recently started a penpal exchange with one of Finnley's friends. We are creating our new life outside the box in so many ways. Even the communication and engagement with friends and family is requiring us to get creative. I just made arrangements for my kids to receive private lessons on zoom with their music and dance teachers.

Sorry, this was so long, I just needed to write and this blog allows me to do just that. My life is easy compared to most, and I know this, I don't want anyone to ever think we are not aware of the suffering by those around us and how blessed we are. We are trying to do our part by donating supplies, sewing masks, growing our garden for food, sharing supplies with friends, and offering a shoulder to lean on (from a safe distance) to those in our inner circle.

Nothing feels very funny at the moment, but I am hopeful, that at a future date it will again.

Please have a day filled with care and love for yourself, your family, and those around you,


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