Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stay Home, Please!

I live in a small community with a large population of elderly people. We love them. They provide a great deal of art support, mentor possibilities, and insight. We lean on them to teach our local art classes, to learn the history of our community, and to remind us of what a gift it is to reach the age of wisdom.

I didn't use to think this way. I took for granted the ability to age and to become older, but more and more of my friends are not making it to their 50's and 60's. They are succumbing to illness, mostly cancer. Now, when I see an elderly couple, especially those that are couples, it stirs more emotion within my heart, I smile to myself, and I think of how precious life is. They made it.

Their lives are precious and need to be preserved, as do all the lives in my small community. We don't have the facilities to handle an over-burden medical situation that a larger city might have access to. We are limited on our grocery supplies, feed for our animals, and gas.

We have shared our beaches with the world every single day. All of Oregon beaches are open to the public and we love that they are enjoyed by millions of people each year. We gladly do this because we know how fun the beach is, how healing her waters are, how joyful a get-a-way is, but now is not the time. Now is the time to stay home. Shelter in.

This past weekend was the start of spring break in Oregon. Our beaches filled up. Our parks are full. Stores were packed. Our town is trying to unite as a community to help our fellow Newportians weather the virus storm, unemployment, no school, and other issues. We cannot do this with an additional 10-15 thousand visitors. Please, go home.

Use this time to reconnect, clean, garden, read a book, get caught up on your favorite TV show, build something, do a puzzle, learn a new craft or skill, play an instrument....stay home and use this time to do all the things we bitch and moan about not having the time to do!

We are.

I have been so impressed with my family. We are working together to prepare our garden, the yard, our sitting area outside, the fire pit, and the inside of our home. We have become a team. I cannot tell you how happy this is making my momma heart explode with love and joy. I am watching the older kids help the younger kids, the younger kids offering to help the adults, the adults lifting up each other. We laughed so hard this morning about a silly joke. It's the first time we have laughed as a group over a joke in a long time.

Our lives were too busy before. I admit we did that to ourselves. This time is allowing us to reevaluate what is important and what is not.

The US is not getting out of this situation without death and sorrow for some families. It's a fact. We will all be affected by this in some way. Find the compassion and empathy to put aside the urge, if this applies to you, to not travel except for essential items. Don't travel to small communities because you need to getaway. This is not a vacation. This is a time to unite as a human race and to try and stop this virus from stealing from our lives important people who we need and mean the world to us.

Stay home, please.

If you are staying home, thank you.

Thank you for doing your best to make this situation stay manageable for our healthcare workers. Thank you for listening to your local governments. Thank you for stepping up for your families. Thank you for working from home. Thank you for stopping your life for a short time to help the world combat this virus. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Thank you! 

Kids, I love you! When you are older and your kids ask about this, oh the story you will have to tell. A story that, I hope, is one with a happy ending for our family. I also hope I am there to listen to you tell it. I hope your Dad and I are able to say we did the best we could and we survived the Coronavirus. I hope with all my heart this to be true.


  1. I can't believe how cavalier some people are about this. San Diego was packed this weekend. A woman on Next Door was panicked because it had rained on her kids' sidewalk chalk. She was asking where she could buy more. I replied that we were suppose to stay home unless an emergency occurred, and sidewalk chalk was NOT an emergency. Other people were telling her where she could find sidewalk chalk. I told her to go to Google and get the recipe to MAKE it. All you need is cornstarch and food coloring. It's easy and a learning experience for her kids. Go figure.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree, I too am watching my neighbors have friend play dates and have family come in from out of town. I am disappointed in their choices and we are having to make some hard choices. They depend on us for eggs from our chickens and with their fluctuating door of visitors from who knows where, we are having to second guess are hospitality with the eggs. We are trying so hard to do our part. Thank you for your comment. Hang in there and we are sending you our biggest and warmest best wishes as we weather this storm.


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