Monday, March 23, 2020

Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away

We enjoyed a week of sunshine and used it to the best of our abilities by working in our yard and working on the house. Yesterday we transplanted blueberry bushes and iris bulbs, put potatoes in the ground, and uncovered our strawberries from last year. We moved our chicken yard and tended to their beds. We trimmed bushes to provide more sunshine for the garden. Our blackberries are being trained to go around the garden so we can pick them a bit more easily. We are trying to get our family as prepared as possible to live off of the food in our yard and the neighboring woods.

Then it rained and we smiled.

I have spent a great deal of my life learning about herbs, mushrooms, wild fruits and berries, flowering plants, and gardening in preparation for a situation like the one we are in today. Not because I am a survivalist or someone who believes the end of the world is around the corner, but because I have lived through many natural disasters and being prepared is of great importance, peace of mind, and a way to help those around you.

Today our governor has issued a shut-in.  Oregon is now in a situation where we only leave for food, medical needs, prescriptions, and essential jobs. Our family has been lucky enough to stand through this strain and follow the request from a few weeks ago to stay home. Then it was a request, now it is an executive order.  Cory works from home and his job is still going strong. We can only hope this stays true for the remainder of this situation.

The rain came. It is so needed for a variety of reasons. Fires. We live in an area that has seen less and less rain over the last 20 years and the fear of fire is becoming a serious issue for us. When we have visitors to our town (which this should slow down effective today) the fear is always there. We have a small fire department. The rain will also deter people from visiting the beach, we hope. Not only will the rain keep visitors from coming to our town, but it will hopefully keep locals indoors too. For the most part, our locals are a community of like-minded people when it comes to the virus, but we have a few that feel this not a real "pandemic".

With the rain comes the opportunity for us to work inside. All those projects I keep putting off are now being finished. All those craft projects I want to work on are now being pulled out of the closet. We are making masks for our family and medical friends, our post lady, and my sister who still has to drive the school bus to deliver food to our kids in town. I am I am feeding a small army.

We have 7 people in our home currently and it so appreciated. To have so many adults to help with lifting, shoveling, moving, and in helping with the little kids, has been the best part of this experience so far.

These daily updates are helping me to process a lot of the emotions and feelings I am having and will continue to have. It all feels like a dream to me some days. In fact, I wake up and forget for a minute and then I am reminded with the news that our lives have changed forever. We watched a movie with a crowded tree lot (a Christmas movie) and we looked at each other and wondered, "will we ever do that again". Of course, I know we will. Will we? Oh, this is a strange time in our world. One where I am happy and one where I am sad at the same time. One where I am relieved to have a slower schedule but stressed about my kids who are not working at the moment. So many changes with little answers or guidance other than history.

Rain. We need it and want it. It is a necessary force of nature that will hopefully allow us to stay fire-free, encourage a lower tourist number, keep our creeks and streams full, and provide us with an opportunity to finish and stary new projects inside. Rain, rain, please don't go away quite yet. We need you.

Take care friends. If you need a place to talk, leave a message and I will respond. I find it fascinating to read the stories of others and how they are responding to the pandemic. My experience is only of my slow life here at the beach with my family, but the world is filled with stories and we all have a place in this chapter of our history.

Have a great Monday!


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