Sunday, March 29, 2020

It's In the Moments

We made homemade pasta yesterday. Recipe found on the link below.

It's Sunday and my home is quiet. Everyone is asleep, tired from a busy day of moving furniture. I'm sitting at my laptop looking out my window watching the bay slowly reveal itself from the early morning fog and dew. The sight is beautiful. For a quick moment, I forget what is happening around the world. I forget that Monday starts the first day of homeschool for me and the kids. I forget that there are cities that are deep in this pandemic with no end in sight. I forget that I am living through a historical moment in time. I forget, but then I remember, I don't want to forget.

I don't want to forget what this all feels like. I want to remember that within this distressing situation there are moments of beauty, laughter, and peace. Within these crazy experiences, my family has come together and united on so many levels. I want to feel all the emotions and process them as they arise, not suppress them or hide them or fear them.

This moment has been challenging, heartbreaking, heartwarming, busy, calming, uniting, rewarding, and on and on. What do your moments look like? Are you coping well? Are you processing what is happening around you? Are you noticing the good too?

Yesterday I went for a walk on the beach. It was the first time I left my property in 2 weeks. I craved the sand. I needed fresh air. But mostly, I needed to release my grip on my reality and the emotional energy surrounding my home. I needed a break. Cory and I went for a drive and ended up walking for a short time on the beach. The wind was bitter cold and we soon found ourselves climbing the longest set of stairs to return to our car quickly. As I reached the top, I was winded. My body hurt. I ached from not exercising regularly. At that moment, the pain felt good. It reminded me I was still alive. It reminded me I still had choices. It reminded me to keep working and to get outside and move more.

I returned home refreshed. Sore, but refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I just needed to get out. I needed to stop the constant vigilance of keeping my family happy, fed, entertained, safe, and hopeful.

I needed to keep my family hopeful? WOW. I just wrote that. I didn't have the word to what I was feeling earlier until just now.'s exhausting. I want my little girls to understand the importance of what is happening, but not to carry the weight of this pandemic on their shoulders. They are kids. It's a balance of giving and taking. We are all trying to work, teach, prepare, homestead, and live a full life on a half-acre. We are wearing so many hats that sometimes we need a brisk walk to clear our heads so we can remember the little moments.

I see you. I feel the weight of the world's change at this time. Take care of yourself. Love those around you. Offer hope to your family and friends. Send a card. Think of a new way to celebrate. Be hopeful.

We will get through this. We will make history. We are living through history. Find the moments, hold them, express them, let them go, write them down, share them, or simply sit with them.

It's in the moments that we define who we are as a person, a family, a generation, as humanity. What are your moments?

A few moments from my week looked like this. I have shared links to my inspiration, to recipes I used, and to a few of my Pinterest boards for ideas.

1.  Rye made coffee cake.  We used this recipe and it was amazing.

2. We made sushi.  Find recipes on my Pinterest board.

3.  I learned to take a rotten onion and transplant it into a pot to grow a new onion.
Find ideas for gardening on my Pinterest board.

4. We made an exercise room. I gathered all of our yoga mats, weights, our rowing machine, the bike, our treadmill, and anything else we can use to move and work our bodies and put them all into one room.

5. We moved a few couches into our garage to give the kids a playroom.

6. I started my microgreens. NOT AN AD
An easy method here:
I use a tiered system like this: VIDEO

7. I created a homeschool schedule for next week.

8. I am planning our Ostara celebrations for April.
I have a Pagan board.

9. I ordered more art supplies, supplies to make homemade soaps, and molds to make our own holiday candy. The girls expressed interest in these crafts and I thought they would be fun to learn together. I order my art supplies from BLICK.  Link HERE. NOT AN AD

10. I made tuna poke for the first time. I used this recipe.

11. We made homemade pasta. The gluten-Free recipe is here: The regular recipe is here:

12. We supported local businesses by ordering local fish from our fishing fleet (Chelsea Rose Seafood), ham from our local farmer friends (Sitka Farms), visited Mai's who owns the local Asian grocery store in town, and pre-orderd our lamb for next week from another local farmer, Walker Farms in Siletz.

13. We cooked our first crabs. We have never cooked live crabs. When I ordered them I had no idea they were being delivered to us alive. We all learned what to do and what not to do while preparing the crabs. 

14. We made more masks for our family. We will be making more for the local hospital. 
I am making these for our family:
I am making these for our local hospital:

Those are a few highlights with links to share. We also played a lot of games, did dance parties, dressed up in costumes, and the kids played a lot of Animal Crossing.  These moments don't seem like much, but to us, they were time spent together.

Take care, dear friends and family.

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