Sunday, December 3, 2017

My Reflection #poetry

This semester I took a creative poetry class. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not. I was nervous the first workshop. I felt vulnerable reading my poems to the class and then sitting there, silent. Waiting for the chance to defend a word, a punctuation, a space, the emotion, the meaning, etc...

We have 15 students. We round our tables and chairs to create a big circle and for two and half hours we listen and talk about poetry.  We offer suggestions and interpretations to those who have written the poems for the week.

The poem below is a revision of a poem I did titled, Two Versions.  I didn't get a lot of feedback to change much, other than, to expand the story and I did. I am amazed at how it turned out. Mostly because this class was not an instructional poetry type class but more of a workshop. Almost, as if, we were expected to know how to write poetry before we arrived. Most of us had written before, but did we know the rules about writing poetry? No.  Critiquing other works and having our own work picked apart has been a great learning experience for me. 

The poem below is read from left to right, the white space is on purpose. Almost as if, there were two poems: one read left to right and one read with the extended words on the right. Try it both ways and see what you think.

I hope you enjoy the poetry pieces each week. Personally, this has been a wonderful experience for me to explore and create a new type of writing.

My Reflection 
by Sherron Watson

Today I see me and                                                          you see her
two versions of the                                         same person
One that I let you see,                with smiles
and perfect rhythm,                                              solo and strong
The other,the real me,               with two left feet
imperfect frame, weak,                                               bruised and sore

It is a dance of passions,                       a tango of desire
Twirling in rhythm to a                                           song that loops
Over and over, I listen to the           movement
trying to be one with the music,                                         with this life
keep moving, waltz,                     sway back and forth
three steps, two steps,                                                                   one step, back

It works until it doesn’t                               and people
discover the rehearsal was                                                 better than 
the performance, hijacking the             dual personality
and creating a new sound,                                                     a new dance
a routine of imperfections,                                      lost in space
dancing without a partner,                                                                  alone and solo

I stop.                                                        I stare.

I catch my reflection, the flicker of                            my hand
curved, arched, ready to move,                                                                tired 
there, there between the brow,               you can’t hide
I see the sorrow in                                                            my smile
A hint of darkness with                                                                         a beam of light
my spotlight, my image,                        the real me

The music slows and fades                           from my ears
Our eyes meet, you and me, it’s                                                                    all I see
tears falling, hurting inside,                                             wanting 
it all to end, we will                                                                        some how collide
forcing this partnership to unite,              motion forward
it’s too late, the music begins,                                        our hands drop

We are expected to blend,                              to be
partners, choreograph this life,                                                                oneness
playing the part,                                      swans in the night
My reflection laughs,                                                                    jumps to her toes
I slowly follow,                              moving to point
swirling in motion,                                                in sync we bow

This is me,                                                        the one you see
the one looking back,                we are the same
Act after act,                                                                                 changing our costumes
night after night,                                          watching the crowd
Perfecting our lines,                 creating our stage
Two versions, my reflection,                                                you and me

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