Thursday, November 9, 2017

Take It, It's Yours #poetry

Gifts given for the wrong reason have the potential to unravel our trust. Gift giving is an interesting exchange of events. I personally love giving and receiving gifts. In the past though, I have had the experience of receiving gifts that felt like bargaining tools.  Given without sincerity or with a lack of care and concern. Thrust upon you with the idea that it will be favored and it will be enjoyed. This poem comes from a place in my childhood of receiving gifts from individuals who, in my opinion, were harmful to my existence, for the emotional harm they incurred. A place that, for one day we were expected to be family or friends and forget all of the bad experiences of a fractured relationship.  We wore smiles, exchanged gifts, laughed, and then started the next day with the same lack of caring, loving, or genuine relationships that were expressed the day before.

This sucks! To be quite honest. Especially when kids are involved. Children don't have the emotional capabilities of playing head games during the holiday season. They take most things at face value and when we toy with gifts and false pretenses, it leaves a hole and causes trust issues. Don't be that relative that is only nice at holiday parties and during celebrations. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Focus on improving relationships with those nearest and dearest to you. Focus on positive relationships. Correct any behavior that might be misleading to those around you. Bring the holiday spirit into your home with genuine care and sustainability that will last longer than one day because the calendar says it's a holiday. 

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