Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sifting Through Life: Defining Moments

Kids are vessels of knowledge and can definitely, lead you to some of your most defining moments in this life.

I wrote an entry yesterday that included the word: defining. I can't really stop thinking about the word.  It's a word that resonates within me a feeling of rejuvenation, a need to make my existence whole and complete. In a way, I opened my mind and my eyes to a new understanding of what I should be focusing my energy toward. Instead of looking for these moments, I need to recognize that they already exist each and every day of my life. I need to show gratitude to these simple nudges and confirmations.

I have met and talked with friends and family who feel overwhelmed, feel as though they are working nonstop without purpose, or who are simply trying to figure out what their purpose is here on Earth. They are faithful humans, who are of the belief, that there must be more to this life. Some feel lost in this experience because they want more, they want a sign, they might even be leaning on others too much, instead of listening and searching within themselves for strength and guidance. I feel that we are all searching for something. Searching for the one thing that will take us to the next level of this life, yearning for a state of higher expectations with the hopes of maybe discovering love, finding happiness or seeing joy.  Do these big moments make up our defining moments or are defining moments made up of smaller events, everyday insights, and a simple feeling of abundance?

Defining moments in our life happen. They are there. What is missing is our awareness. Not everything that is manifested toward us will be as large as the final fireworks display during a 4th of July weekend. Sometimes it is simply a sparkler that your kid is holding. We tend to want to look up when maybe we should be looking down or even forward. If we open ourselves up to the opportunity of love, of being spiritual, or quieting our minds, of giving thanks...we won't miss our defining moments. I believe the key to recognizing our defining moments is awareness and gratitude.

I remember a day, 8 summers ago, when I returned from a week-long event. I went to this event with the expectation that we were going to be enriched and fed daily with enlightening stories and spirited events. My week found me all over the place with my emotions and some of my expectations were shattered. I had experiences that ranged from laughter to sadness. One particular situation changed my whole belief system. It was the defining moment that pushed me to the edge of my sanity and reality as I knew it. I witnessed a young girl be the recipient of harsh words, unfair stereotyping, and bullying by an adult leader. I felt broken and helpless. I was enraged at the amount of unsympathetic rendering the other leaders expressed to a young woman who felt compelled to be a part of a much bigger picture, despite not dressing "the code".  I remember returning and feeling that if this is what I am supposed to believe our universe is about, then it is not right for me. I listened, I heard and I acted. Since then, I have looked back and recognized this was a defining moment for me. One of many experiences that have shaped the person I am today.

These defining moments, whether they are small or big, are opening my heart to new understandings; they are enlightening my spirit and soul. I am learning to generate an energy from within me that yearns for the happiness I know this existence on Earth can offer to those of us who are open to the idea that this universe is here to help guide and channel us in a direction that opens up our world to endless possibilities. A path to our purpose. When we have these experiences, they can be hard to explain to others, or to ourselves. One word I use to describe this is happiness. Others may use these words instead: joy, love, acceptance, gratitude, charity, kindness or a phrase that we are blessed beyond words. It all feels like serendipity to me. But I know it's not by chance, but with purpose.

There is a childlike approach to awareness and mindfulness. Children live in the moment because they don't have the experiences, maturity, or history to allow any thoughts or ideas to creep into their worlds.  As I travel, I see children from all walks of life.  I see their laughter, their eagerness to enjoy life, the simple ways they can take the hand of another child and just be. In that moment, in that 20 minutes, they have to be friends, best friends even....that is their world. They stay present, they engage their behavior with those around them. Most children know what love and happiness are because they are not jaded to the scrapes and cuts of life. I say most because we know that there are children who, unfortunately, know all about the hardships of life. My idea is that children are born into this world with purity and openness from the beginning and their environments shape their behaviors and outlooks on life. When I talk about childlike, I am referring to this purest form of innocence which children often display.

To be childlike, in my opinion, is a gift. I encourage you to watch children play, to listen to them, to acknowledge their knowledge, to be present with them. I strongly believe that many of my defining moments have come from these little people in my life. They teach us and give us opportunities if we have the awareness, mindfulness, and openness to listen and to accept what they are offering. This week I encourage you to pay attention to the little things in your life. Those little things, like children, that are trying to teach you, guide you, and help you find your defining moments.

More than ever, I believe this is a time in our history, where our views are changing and our desires are being manifested to higher levels of spirituality. I think the universe is very connected to those of us seeking a higher standard and she is eager with a willingness to teach and guide us. This requires us to do our part through showing kindness, gratitude, love, and empathy to all walks of life, especially children. Do you ever wonder why we have these little people/teens in our homes for around 18 years? I do. I think about this all the time. I am blessed to have four great kids, plus all of their friends, in my life. As I mentioned before, I learn so much from them. As parents we think our jobs are to teach and guide them, but what if it is more of a team effort? This is food for thought.

Enjoy every moment, enjoy your families, be to all my friends and family. Without you I would have missed out on some very important defining moments in my life. I am still growing into my mindfulness and awareness. This journey has been so special. I truly feel alive and living with purpose.


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