Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sifting Through Life: Be the One

Mt. Hood in the distance as we drove up to Detroit Lake in Oregon. A gorgeous fall weekend spent in the mountains.

Be the ONE person that you want to see in everybody else. If you want to receive love, then give love.  If you want to experience laughter, then share a smile. When you want to be heard, listen to a friend.  When you want to receive kindness, then find those in need. Life is a fountain of opportunities to be the ONE.

When I look around and see the cycle of this life and how we are each put on this earth with specific abilities, talents and insights, I wonder why we take it for granted that tomorrow will be the day, or next month I will call, or my goal starts on Monday. Why wait to share, to give, to change.

I know that for me and my short time here, I have had some amazing people come into my life and "be the one" at a time when all I wanted to do was cry, to give up or to just be ....gone.  I don't think we always know why certain things happen, but I do believe that if we listen to our inner self we will find that it is more in tune with what we need to be doing than what we want to be doing.

Believing that you are of worth and that you can make a difference is sometimes like a play. You must act the part before the part becomes you; before you feel the role and make it your own. This sounds a bit like lying, especially to me, who likes to be as honest as I can, but I believe in the very act of being happy will make you happy. The act of giving will make you charitable. The act of believing can make you the ONE.

My family, especially my hubby and kids, have seen me at my worst and they have seen me at my best. Together we have created a bond that is eternal, accepting, loving and beautiful. In many instances they have been the ONE for me and I hope that I have been the ONE for them at times in their lives when they needed me to be.

Giving of ourselves, sharing our talents and expressing inspiration to others, are only a few ways of being the ONE for our families, our neighbors and our friends.  If we look inside and decide to be our best at all times then we cannot and will not look back on this life and feel the need for a "do-over".   If you are lucky in this life, people will give you a second chance, but there is no guarantee of this. So, be the ONE today and in turn you can give back and be the ONE for somebody else. We all need friends, we all need acceptance, we all need silence in order to be heard.

I can remember many times when out of the blue I got a call, or a visit "just because". Those are times I treasure because it confirms to me that I was being heard, even though my fears and tears were expressed in silence. Listen to those small whisperings through out the day, then act on those feelings.  I think you will be surprised of the internal life line that you have with others. In this small act, you can be the ONE.

Being the best you, is not about giving and receiving, it's about being. It's about being the best that you know how to be; with no expectation of a return. The joy comes in finding the peace in each of us when we listen and act.

In a small phrase, a title of a movie and a simple truth...PAY IT FORWARD.  Give of yourself, see yourself in others and become the ONE.

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