Thursday, November 2, 2017

Masterpiece #poetry

      Poetry is a way to express emotion. To add context to our inner dialogue. I love to write poetry and have enjoyed sharing my pieces here on Simply Gourmet. When I first started, I felt the need to hide my words behind an alias name, hence the willow jade links. I have since reconsidered and have changed my poetry Instagram page to be Simply Gourmet Poetry. I don't need to hide or feel ashamed of the words I write. I don't need to protect the past that haunts me, but share my journey through my words. I am healing at an incredible rate on the inside (my mind and soul) through this process. Some of my words are hard for me to read but after I write them and read them, it magically opens up a space to add new memories. In a sense, erasing the past, and implanting the best of the best, my life today.

     When we learn to release the hurt and anger, accepting that it exists, this is when the healing begins. This is when our journey to a brightness of joy and happiness evolves. The feelings that are expressed in my poems come from this place and may seem dark and filled with pain. This is because some of them are. I believe that it is okay to feel these feelings. They are natural and normal. It is when we suppress them or try to bury and hid them they get messy and make our lives messy.

    Life is fragile and too short to spend it in a constant state of unhappiness. I write a lot about simplifying and happiness. This is because I am on a journey to live life to my fullest, to be my best, and to extend love and harmony to those around me.
     I would love to hear your interpretations of the poems and if they resonated with you too. If you wish to follow along with my Instagram account here is the link.  Simply Gourmet Poetry.



written by Sherron Watson

                                      Flawed and cracked,

                                    like a broken vase.
                                   Nothing stays in,
it all pours out.

Fragile and weak.
Spotting a fake.

Nothing authentic
or worth the price.

A piece of work,
imperfect art.

Passed by, overlooked,
nobody wants you.

Come home with me,
I collect broken hearts

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