Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Thoughts #poetry

A little poem I wrote last week while watching the sunset.  A unique combination of watching something horrible and beautiful all at the same time.

Sunset Dinner 
by: w.i.l.l.o.w

Sand in our toes, 
on a windless night. 
Drawn to the beach  
by an orange glow, so bright. 
Peck. Peck. Wiggle. Wiggle. 

Speechless at the color, 
a sunset like no other, 
holding hands we watch, in terror. 
Peck. Peck. Wiggle. Wiggle. 

Our eyes rising to the beams, 
the yellow rays against the blue. 
Waves crashing from the sea, 
We are hypnotized, silenced, by our view. 
Peck. Peck. Wiggle. Wiggle. 

The silhouette, so dark and clear, 
against a backdrop of orange and yellow. 
A claw. A beak. The dance of fear, 
Dinner for one, death to follow. 

Peck. Peck. Wiggle. Wiggle. 

The sun slips into the oceans edge, 
darkness takes a stand. 
With bellies full, one dead crab, 
we return home, to our warm beds. 

Peck. Peck. No more wiggles. 

This was the scene (picture below) which inspired this poem.

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