Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sifting Through Life: Messages and Mile Markers

I believe that we each receive messages throughout our life that help guides us along our journey. The key is learning to listen, then to see, and finally, making a choice.  I know personally, there have been times when my life feels and looks like it is in perfect synch with the energy around me. At other times, I notice a crook in the road. I feel off. I don't harmonize well with the events that are transforming before my eyes.

I guess you could call those off days. What I am learning is that there is a synchronization that is happening in my own life through a series of messages or subtle events. With each day I am opening up more and more to those sensations and looking for little nuances that remind me that I am on the right path.

These messages can come in all forms. A certain number on a clock, the location of a dime, a spur of the moment thought or a feeling. Heck, anything can be a message or spark. The key is discovering how you are reading and seeing the messages meant for you. Are you open to the universe or your spiritual belief enough to see, hear or feel the messages orchestrated on your behalf?

Messages in my opinions are like mile markers along a bike path. You already know that I love to ride my bike. It is something that brings me joy and comfort. I connect really well with the outdoor energy that exists in my area. When I set out on the trail I look for a marker. In my mind, I want to know how far I have traveled. I wish to know the distance that I have gone and how much further I must ride to reach my goal. The markers offer a warm embrace of comfort.

Several things happen when I see the markers on the trail. First I know that I am on the right trail and that my destination is before me. If by chance, I happen to take a wrong turn and not find the mile marker that I am used to seeing, I can easily turn around. The second thing mile markers give me is a sense of accomplishment. My body knows my abilities.  I know that after 5 miles my thumbs might start to go numb and I need to readjust my hand position but after 20 miles, you guessed it, my butt starts to hurt. Without the mile markers, I could guess as to how far I have ridden based on my body and how I feel.  But why guess?  If we can take a path with the miles marked or own a speedometer we might feel safer knowing than guessing. I enjoy a good adventure but I also like feeling the comforting hand of knowledge. I want to know that I am on the right path.

As you can see, my writing is taking on a life of its own.The messages that I have seen over the last five years or so, are confirming to me that I am on the right path in my life. My writing is not to tell you anything. It is to give you permission to listen to yourself. To believe that you are able to feel, see and hear the universe guiding you along your journey too.  It is a message of faith. It's a message of finding your happiness. We each possess this faith or light within ourselves.  Like the bike path and its mile markers,  I believe that we have set the same tokens along our physical journey in this life. We knew that we would want reminders along our way, in our human form, to remind ourselves of our journey's plan.

A few thoughts that come to mind when I see a message that I believe is meant to confirm that I am on the right track are:

I made it.

I am tired but the journey is worth it.

I can see the end.

I feel I am on the right path.

I am in tune with where I should be in this life.

At this moment, put into your own words, what you are feeling about where you are in this life.  It can be anything-a friendship, a job, a relationship, church, etc... Don't hold back. Be honest with yourself. Are you on the right path? Are you happy?

Every few years I find myself having to reevaluate a variety of aspects of my life. Nothing too major but I do think it is okay to check with yourself if you are feeling that your life is where you want it to be or are you at least on the right path to happiness.

The experience of seeing my own mile markers in this life gives me joy.  It does not make the world a better place other than to make me a better person. I can't change anyone else but I can change myself. I can look in my review mirror and see the trail I have traveled and decide if I am on the right path. Only we can decide if the messages or markers are steering us in the right direction. If they are not then YOU must decide if a change is needed.

Change is hard and I won't ever say it easy. I am constantly changing myself. I am evolving and so are you. Listening, feeling and following the light within our core is challenging when we have so many outside influences telling us, shouting at us, reminding us, pointing at us and judging us to be who they want us to be. We see each other not through the lens of the other person but through our own lens of life. If we do this without compassion and empathy then we project our own perspective onto others without thinking of them and their situations. When we deny confirmations that our lives must change through inspiration, gut feelings or a synchronization of events, it can be challenging to say the least.

My own experience has led me to look outside of myself, off and on throughout my life, for the joy and happiness that I am seeking in this life.  I finally had to accept these words that kept nudging me in my thoughts.  This message was coming in loud and clear but I was not always listening:  Stop looking outside of yourself trying to find a better you.  Let me tell you--I am listening now.  I encourage you to listen to the messages that are already embedded in your soul destined for your journey.  Find the strength to follow your own path to discover true happiness and joy. Then peace will follow.

One thing I had to do, in order to find time to listen to the guidance I believe is available for each of us,  is to tune certain things down. Not out completely. Just down a notch or two. The world is going to continue to ebb and flow with wars, humanitarian efforts, poverty struggles, crime, disgust, and all manner of sadness and heartache. It is there. Times are tough and there are so many people struggling. I can't change this part of our society but I can help make a small difference. I can influence my family to be happy, to find joy and to become better each day, BUT-- they will have to make the decision to be a better them. At the end of the day, I can only make myself a better me.

I have, throughout my life, encouraged my kids to pay attention to life. To listen and follow the messages that point them in the right direction.  To stay present and in the moment. Enjoy the journey.  Don't rush to get to the next mile marker in your life because once you get there you may be deflated or realize the lesson was not in accomplishing the mile but channeling the journey with its bumps, cracks, and beautiful scenery.  In that journey are the messages of your own personal joy and happiness.

Discover what messages you decided would be important to you when you came to this earth.  What triggers a response of deep emotion. Stop and rest, meditate and listen. Take each day as it comes and become the best person that you are capable of at this very minute. Not your yesterday self or your future self.  Just today's self.

Listen to the message is a phrase I remind myself of often. I get busy. I forget. I now recognize my markers and actively try to follow the impressions to stay on the trail.  My human mind and heart sometimes take me through the muddy rivers of life.  Maybe I need these detours to truly appreciate the path of my life cycle.

Let me know your thoughts.  Through joined experiences, we learn so much.

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