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2017 Spring Break in Portland,OR-LINKS, IDEAS, and PICTURES

This year we have decided to stick around Oregon for our vacations. Our first stop was Portland, OR.
This is a place that Cory and I have visited many times as a teenager and when we were a young married couple.  We took the older kids but we wanted to also share this amazing city with our little girls. The hardest part about going on vacation with a 10-year-old and a 3-year-old is there is a huge gap in age. What one can do, the other can not. I had to be really picky about the types of things we planned for this vacation.

Our first stop was EVERGREEN MUSEUM and WATER PARK in McMinnville. The reason we stopped here is because it was on our way. We traveled on 99W from Corvallis and we drove right past it.  This park was a great decision. It met everyone's needs and we all had a very good time.

Things to note:  You can not bring any food inside but you can leave and return to the water park. They have a small restaurant upstairs that has basic fast food.  Towels are not provided. Bring your own. Get there early to get chairs or a table. 

The Oregon Zoo located in Portland was up next. Again, this is a place that is pretty age friendly to accommodate all ages and abilities. The girls loved seeing the animals. I believe their favorite part was the carousel. The train came in second.

A bonus of the zoo is that it is attached to Washington Park. This includes the Japanese Gardens and the Rose Gardens.  You can walk, take the metro or the train (when in service).  We drove and parked closer because the walk was too far for Finnley's little legs.  If you get a chance walk to the park below the Rose Gardens. It is wonderful. We brought bubbles. This was a nice place for MOM and DAD to sit and rest and let the little girls play hard.

NOTES:  This area is hilly. Prepare to wear comfortable shoes and hit the hills. Layer your clothes because you will find the need to remove a few (especially after a few hills are under your belt).

We attempted OMSI but the lines were too long. We made a last minute decision to go to the Portland Art Museum downtown.  Finnley was bored. We did the best we could keeping her occupied.  This translates to walking through it as fast as possible.  Isabella found it interesting and it held her interest.  Personally, Cory and I thought it could be have been filled with more interesting art collections. Our favorite was the first floor and all of the ancient pieces from China.

The primary reason we chose to Portland, Oregon in March is specifically to see the Cherry Blossoms. They were beautiful. The girls loved walking around the trees and exploring the blossoms. We saw pink and white almost everywhere we went.

We took the girls to 23rd street. This is a great walking district filled with restaurants, shopping, and scenery. We went to visit Salt and Straw. This is an ice cream shop. The line is usually out the door. They specialize in unique flavors. We loved our selection and will try to go back again.

We took the RV and stayed at Roamer's Rest RV park in Tigard. The location was perfect.  We were 20 minutes from downtown. It was easy to get to everything on our to-do list. The RV park is in pristine condition. It is on the Willamette River and can support very large rigs. I do not believe they have any tent camping. The management was helpful too.

While at the RV park we found a few parks nearby. Roamer's did not have a playground for the kids. We visited Cook Park.  Amazing!  Lots of trails, toys, and restrooms.  We tried to go back but our schedule was too full.

Are you getting tired yet?  LOL  we were!  Our last day in Portland we visited Multnomah Falls. The kids did great until we passed the falls and started the 11 switchbacks to the top. We made it to 4.  It's steep and narrow. Not to mention, we ran into rain and it made the hike a bit more uncomfortable because we were really, really wet.  We turned around and promised ourselves we would return.

Did I mention the rain?  We had a bit of rain on our Portland trip.  We had originally planned on staying until Friday, but the weather suddenly turned beautiful and I couldn't return home just yet. We booked it over to Champoeg State Park to try and get a spot. We were lucky enough to get two more nights. This, for me, was my favorite part of the trip.  We finally returned to a slower pace and found the most gorgeous location to park the RV. It is a wonderful park to visit.

The park used to be a city that was washed away by a flood. The family that owned the property has several buildings to explore. They have a living museum/barn to visit. The trails are numerous. They have a disc golf course.  A cool play ground.

This trip was busy but so worth the planning and the packed days. I ended the day with this view. I long to return to this position: feet crossed and a gorgeous view to boot.

I will be blogging about our travels.  I will try to provide links too. If you have any questions, please ask and I will try to answer them for you. Oregon is an amazing place to visit.

Our next RV trip is to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon for my birthday.
Stay tune for those updates.

If your visit to the Pacific Northwest includes a visit to Portland, I highly recommend a visit to This is the link specific to Portland: Angelina has created a fantastic resource for future visitors to the area. She breaks down a lot of Portland and its surrounding areas to help you navigate food, places to stay, and must-see attractions to visit.

This is not an ad. I was asked to share the link to Trip Happy.  I agreed to do this because I felt the link benefits all those who plan to visit the Portland area in the future.

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