Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pasta with Grilled Brussels Sprouts

I can't resist a bargain in the produce section. If something is on sale then I feel like this is the best way for me to save a little bit of money for my family. We love most veggies and these brussels sprouts screamed at me to take them home.

Honestly, it felt weird buying them this time of year. I usually buy them in the fall. These sat in my fridge for a few days because I wasn't sure how I should prepare them or if I should just freeze them for a later date.

I came home from school starving last week and they fell onto the floor when I opened the refrigerator door. I thought, "Okay-this is our dinner."

Along with the brussels sprouts I had some fresh green beans that desperately needed to be cooked up as well.  I made two different vegetable options for my family to add to their bowls of pasta: the grilled brussels sprouts or the green bean vegetable combo.  I also had fresh diced tomatoes, sliced green olives, and grilled artichoke hearts (from a jar).

I guess it was kind of like a pasta bar.  For me and how I like my pasta, I want texture and a good combination of flavors: salty, sweet, and tangy.  This is why I always include the olives and/or artichoke hearts to my pasta dishes.

To grill the brussels sprouts I rinsed and sliced them in half. I added some oil to a hot cast iron pan and started to lay them in a single layer. I grilled them until brown and flipped each one. I personally think the added browning and grilling flavor raises the bar for brussels sprouts. I even like them when they are charred. I added salt and pepper to the final few minutes and these were ready to go.

For the green beans I rinsed and chopped them into one inch pieces, added red onion, and a few zucchinis.  Again, I heated up oil, tossed them in to start grilling. I added salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. I also squeezed half a lemon and cooked until al dante.  I added this to the other side of my serving bowl so that both vegetable options were available and my family could mix and match.

I prepared the pasta. I personally did not add anything to the pasta. I did this because the oil from the artichoke hearts and green olives added enough to the dish. You can always add a bit of olive oil or fresh lemon if you don't have the artichoke hearts on hand.

This pasta dish tasted fresh and clean. The overall meal took me about 30 minutes to prepare. We had the vegetables the next day on their own for lunch.

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