Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY Beeswax Candles #kidfriendly

Having kids is awesome. I get to do all the things I never did as a kid or young adult. This is our first time making candles and it was very easy.

I would say this project works well with kids starting at age 3 and up. I think some 2 year olds could do this with adult supervision.

I ordered a kit off of Amazon.  The kit included flat pieces of pastel colored wax panels and a long string of wick.  THIS IS NOT AN AD. I have not been paid to talk about this product nor was this product given to our family.

The reason we decided to make candles is because Imbolc was this week. This is a pagan holiday that celebrates the half way mark between winter and summer. We light a lot of candles in our celebrations. The bees wax represents the bees that we need to pollinate our future seeds. This is a way to pay homage to their services and remind us that we need to cherish the bees that we have in our area.

We are also making corn dollies, dutch babies, and enjoying the sun and its beautiful rays of light as they fill our home. The days are getting longer and we love this.  Our kids can't wait to run on the beach and splash in the water again.

Below I will share some of the pictures and steps that we used to make our candles.

Supplies Needed:

Beeswax sheets (I ordered ours off of Amazon but craft stores may have them too.)
pizza cutter-to cut the wax sheets in half
scissors-to cut the wick
cutting board-to roll wax
hair dryer-to soften the wax to seal edges and shape the ends

To start, I cut each sheet in half. Our sheets of wax were about 18 inches long.  If you roll the whole sheet the candles will not fit into most candle holders. 

Measure the wick by placing the wick across the cut wax sheet and leave about 1/2 inch above the wax sheet (it should over hang).

Gently start to roll the wax over the wick string. This might take an adult to get this part started. I just inched my fingers up the one side and pressed the wax into the wick to secure the wick. Pressure is key because you don't want to press too hard and ruin the honeycomb design on the wax.

Finally, you or your child can start rolling. Isabella is showing you below how she does it. I find it easier to use both hands and to roll evenly.

The goal is to roll the wax sheet so that the edges line up when you get to the end. If this does not happen, unroll, and start again. You also don't want a lot of air or gaps.  See the picture below. This shows you how tight we rolled our candles.

When you are happy with your candle, you can gently press the edges to seal it. I found that if we use a blow dryer and warm up the seam, then press it closed, this works great.  Isabella was able to do this herself but younger kids might need help because the heat is hot.  The other thing we did was to warm the end without the wick. This allows you to shape the bottom of the candle so that you can place it into a candle holder. Our candles were too thick but this simple step made it easy for us to insert them into the candle holder.

Our candles look beautiful in our 5 candle holder. Isabella is thrilled with her color choice.

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