Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Udon Stir Fry and Winter Semester

I'm glad to be back in school. I love my breaks at the end of each semester but the feeling of going back to school after a break--is better.  I love being home with the kids but, honestly, its boring. My brain needs to be stimulated with learning and ideas. I get that it can be done outside of the classroom but there is something about being in a classroom that triggers a greater depth of appreciation for me.

I missed my friends. I missed the homework. I miss being challenged and learning hard things--hard math, hard social issues, hard physiological theories, and writing. My sister in law called me an over achiever last night on the phone. Maybe she's right.  I don't feel like I'm trying to over achieve. I feel like I'm trying to be filled to brim with purpose.

I know that my purpose is more than being a wife and a mom.  Now don't freak out.  Those are important and I wouldn't change them for the world but it is okay for me, as a woman, to say that I want more. I want more because I am able to handle more and smart enough to learn more.  

I want my daughters and my son to understand that we are all capable of more if that is what we desire and wish for.  More for me is not what your more looks like. It's not even what the next person may see as more. My more may be quite small compared to the next person.  It doesn't matter because my more is perfect for me.

I have two classes with an hour break in between.  This is the first time I have two classes on the same day. It means I am away from home for about 5 hours. I am now taking a lunch to school.  It feels weird for some reason to need a lunch but I can't go more than a few hours without food. This is requiring me to think about what I can take for lunch. I'm trying really hard to avoid the vending machine because it all adds up in the end.  All I really want to do is grab a candy bar and call shit tight. My blood sugar levels would not like that.  Today I packed a pasta salad, Fritos, pistachios, and a small orange.  It was enough to get me through the day.  YAY

I busted through the door at 4 and jumped right into family and dinner.  I love the ease of working with Udon noodles.  I presoaked them in warm water to break them up and then set to sauteeing my vegetables-carrots, mushrooms, celery, garlic, some ginger, some lemongrass paste and lots of onion.

I opened a can of garbanzo beans and a can of bean sprouts to toss in at the last minute. I am using salt, pepper, and soy sauce for the seasoning.

I won't post a formal recipe because this is easy stuff:  heat oil, saute vegetables, add noodles, add sauce, add canned items, heat and serve.

It's that easy folks.

Ta-Da--dinner is done.  Bellies are full.  Mom is tired and ready for bed but has a ton of homework to do...LOL

Enjoy your day!  I'm off to my writing class.


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