Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sifting Through Life: Today is a New Day

I woke up today feeling out of balance.

What is happening to me?

How am I going to change this mood I am in?

My rowing machine is the answer.  Today for Sunday Funday I am going to focus on getting myself back into a proper mood to move forward. I need to remember that things in motion stay in motion. I have become stagnate  this past weekend.

Today I turned my phone off. I stopped logging into Facebook. I turned the TV off. I am tuning out all of the outside critics and opinions. Today I am going to spend some time with me. With my ideas, thoughts, and views. Today I am going to focus on my family and my home. Today I want to enjoy the sunshine.

Today I am going to control what I allow into my inner circle. Today I will make a difference with what I have the power to control.

The feeling of being helpless has impacted me this weekend. I realized that I can't let this hopelessness overcome who I know to be. I know who I am. I know what I am capable of. I have the sense to make a difference. Today I start with me and my family.

I encourage anyone who is feeling as I do to turn off the outside world for a few days. Recenter yourselves. Give "you" the ability to heal and refresh the ideas that you have.

Turn off the opinions of others that don't matter to you. Opinions are just that. Opinions. Another persons way of seeing their world from their perspective, norms, and values. This does not make their world our world or my world.  I will respect their opinion but allowing it to upset mine is unproductive.

I believe in change. I think many people believe in change. I saw it yesterday as I watched millions of people march peacefully. Spreading a message of love, acceptance, and inclusion.  These are the opinions I will let influence my actions and the voices in my head.

We are stronger together but as individuals we can make small changes and differences. The light of love and unity is bright. Yesterday proved that to me.

My rowing machine is going to get a lot of use because I need the strength of body to get into my community to work for those less fortunate and less represented.  My stationary bike is going to allow me to push the negative signals in my brain to the side and let the dopamine and serotonin to shine through. We can control a great deal of our mood and physical prowess to contribute to this otherwise dreary time in our country.

If you are finding yourself in a similar pattern then I suggest you figure out what makes your brains neurons transmit the good chemicals. Lots of activity can enhance good results.

Yesterday was a wake up call and today I am answering.

I hold Finnley, as I do every morning, and a tear runs down my face. She is worth the change. She is worth the effort. She is worth the march. She is of value and needs to know that I am willing to try with all my might to fight for acceptance and unity. All my kids, nephews, and nieces are worth my belief that this world is better with unity and acceptance. Fear can only control you if you allow it too. Remember that we all have choices. Today is a new day.  Make a choice and choose the high road. Choose to meet someone new. Meet someone who is outside your comfort zone. Meet someone who is different than you. This connection is how we make change. Recognizing that we can have differences but we can also be civil, be accepting, and be a good listener.

I am recommitting myself to do more. To listen. To learn. To unify. To try. To chose. To be.

Today is a new day.

Go out and make it a great one.


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