Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Funday

You know, ever since we stopped going to church, Sunday is a fun day again. I know that sounds harsh but it's our truth. I have plenty of friends and family that love Sundays because they get to go to church. I'm happy for them. It's just not our fun way to spend Sunday. It's not where our family finds our truth. Some would have us believe that we should not express this sentiment out loud because it goes against the norm. Whose norm? I have had to relearn my spiritual path and find what works for me and our family.  It's been a long road but I would do it again because where we are today feels more in tune to our path here on this earth and beyond.

My family is my sanctuary; along with--the beach, the hiking trails, my home, my yard, my sewing room, my trip up the coast, my camping trip, and my text books.  All of these places and things teach me how to be a good person. They teach me how to center myself. They teach me about a higher source. I believe the key word there is teach.  In these places I am teachable because I am open and listening. I want my kids to understand that not all people worship the same, receive guidance the same way, or believe in the same God or religion, if any religion at all.  I want them to know that acceptance and tolerance is a two way street. If I am allowed to enjoy my Sunday-my way; then, others need to be allowed the same right-their way.

We believe in the spirit of human goodness. We believe that nature is healing, alive, and full of wisdom.  I believe in love. I believe in the belief that humans start off good and through our environment, life's ups and downs, and personal choices, we chose the wrong path. I believe that each day we get a new slate to start over.  I believe that with every choice there is a consequence-some good and some bad.  I have to believe that, we as humans, want to do good. I believe that we each have a story book filled with chapters that detail our lives and until we share those stories with others, nobody truly knows an individual by seeing their outsides only.  I believe in love, kindness, acceptance, giving, mercy, empathy, and so much more. I believe.

This Sunday I hope that you are able to find the place or places that make you feel centered, focused, teachable, and loved without fear that you choose to do so in a building or outside with Mother Nature. Both places offer safe havens for those that need and want it.

My family comes home today.  Finnley and I had a fun weekend playing together. We took baths, read books, had a tea party, made chocolate chip cookies, and I managed to study a bit for my psychology class.  I am studying the about the developing human and all the stages we go through from birth to death. It is very fascinating. I am especially intrigued to be studying about stem research and DNA mapping.  Just when I think my brain cannot hold anymore information it explodes with excitement and opens up to receive more.  I love learning!

These are a few things we did this past week with links to recipes and how-to's.  I thought this would be a fun way to do my Sunday Funday post.

Slime with two ingredients (plus coloring):  This is really easy and fun SLIME to make.
Bouncing Egg experiment: Youtube video HERE.

Pamela's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies:  Recipe Here.  I made a few adjustments to meet our vegan diet.  I replaced the butter with vegetable oil one for one AND I used two flax meal eggs to replace the two real eggs in the recipe. Use your favorite chocolate chip to fit your dietary needs. We use a dark chocolate chip.  The results were good. I did the first batch with a cookie scoop. They do not spread out . We ended up with little balls.  Honestly a cookie ball taste just as good as a flat cookie.  For the second batch, I put the dough in the fridge, scooped the balls, BUT-flattened the cookies a bit with a fork.  Each batch I cooked for 10 minutes and reset the timer for an additional two minutes.

The cookie was amazing!  Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  Just like we like them. My favorite part was the cookie with my coffee. This was a little bit of paradise for me.  A sweet treat for our Sunday Funday.

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