Friday, May 2, 2014

Sifting Through Life: Two Dimes

This past weekend we went camping with some friends.  The weather was gorgeous.  We had a bit of rain come through but not enough to keep us from going or packing up and leaving to return home.

Isabella and her friend spent all of Saturday at Encampment for a Girl Scout activity.  Cory and I got to camp early and set up the tent and spent time checking out the camp ground.  We were one of a few in the park and it was nice to be outside again in the wilderness and ticks.   LOTS of TICKS!  oh my

We returned home on Sunday ready to unpack and relax.  Monday was our anniversary of 26 years and because of busy schedules, decided to go out that night.  It felt good to be clean and have a nice meal. We ended up at an old English establishment downtown called Reynolds Tavern.  The food was beyond delicious!  I felt as though I was eating in someone's home.  I had quiche and Cory had Shepherd's pie.

Monday was busy.  I unpacked and did laundry...lots of laundry.  We kept things low key for our anniversary.

This is where things got exciting for my on!

I started my Tuesday morning off by hearing the sound of Finnley on the floor in my bedroom.  She was crawling around and singing.  She likes to hum and chat when she first wakes up in the morning. I could hear Cory in the bathroom taking a shower.  He must have gotten Finnley out of her crib, woke me up, and then hustled to the shower.

Our day was starting like any other day.  Our room was dark because of the rain that was pushing through the Mid Atlantic area from the south.  If I had not awakened several times to feed Finnley,  I probably would not have paid much attention to the down pouring that was occurring outside, at that moment.  I thought, "It is still raining? WOW"  The rain was falling hard enough that I could hear it hit the windows and the side of our house.  If I was more awake I might-- or I should have-- suspected something was about to be very wrong.  Honestly I was too tired to care at that moment.

I rolled out of my bed--the pink wrought iron bed with the softest pink sheets--it is a long story but someday the bed will not be pink and I won't have hot pink sheets. My feet hit the ground and my day was about to start.  I was up.  I grabbed Finnley and headed downstairs.  Downstairs is where the coffee is and on the nights that I don't sleep much a small 4 cup coffee pot is my go-to breakfast.

Finnley continued to sing and hum while trying to grab my hair that was hanging loosely around my shoulders.  I forgot to grab a ponytail and secure the strands of hair that were enticing Finnley to play out her Disney fantasy of climbing up a long, flowing river of reddish brown hair (Shani, my sister, got the long blonde hair).  With each tug I mentally said, "ouch." I really need to move some pony tails down stairs into the kitchen.

I deposited my singing baby into her high chair and gave each little fist a strawberry puff cracker. She loves to devour these before the real food arrives--powdered rice and smashed fruit.  I travelled in a daze over to the sink and found myself looking down.

I had stepped in cat poop.  Just before this incident I noticed my cat, Sushi, digging at the carpet.  For a normal cat this would be odd behavior but Sushi is our cat with a unique personality.  She has always had some quirky behavioral issues. We call them sushi-isms.  I assumed she was having a moment and let her be.

My bionic sense of smell failed me.  I must have been too tired to care.  Our cats are house trained and we don't have accidents.  I knew something was up.  But what?  I assumed the door to the basement was locked and well, when you gotta go--you gotta go.  Right?

I grabbed the baby wipes and cleaned off my foot, threw the rug outside (I didn't like the rug anyways) and started the coffee pot.  Yesterday I bought coffee based on the cover art.  It had a raven on it and the colors were vibrant.  This made me happy.  I knew that the coffee would be excellent.

Raven coffee.  It is exactly what I needed to start my day, and, as the day moved on, precisely what the doctor ordered.

You see, the reason the cat pooped on the carpet in the kitchen was not because the basement door was closed.  NOPE.  It was because the basement was flooded.

Two glorious inches of water sitting on the cement floor and soaked into our carpet.  JOY.

I discovered this once again with the same two toes that found the cat poop.  After my coffee was finished I grabbed a big white cup of it and headed down stairs to tell my friend that I would not be able to walk.  The rain was not letting up and I did not feel like getting wet.  Oh, the irony of that statement.

With each step down to the basement I took a sip of coffee.  The warm elixir was warming my body and awakening my mind.  The final step was squishy.  My toes were searching for life rafts to save them.  The water was above my foot.

My initial thought was, "Crap, the cat pee'd on the floor too". 

I wish the cat had pee'd on the floor.

I turned the lights on to find a sea of water in my basement.  Ah, good morning Tuesday!

I called up to Cory-without a single swear word  (Thanks to my new found enlightenment of last week)-- and explained our issue.

We assessed the situation and quickly picked up anything on the floor that could be salvaged from the water.  We lost a few things but nothing major.  You see, my family has joked with me for years about my obsession with plastic buckets.  Well, those buckets saved our butts!

We needed to go buy a shop vac and rent a carpet cleaner.  Here comes the first dime.  As I walked to the car in the pouring rain I looked down and saw a dime.  One single dime.  Shiny and bright.  I picked it up and deposited it into my pocket.

I smiled.  My Dad was with me.

On our return home, we found the water in our basement sucked up by the sump pump but we were still left with pools of water that could only be tended to with a broom.  I began to sweep and move stuff around and there on the floor by the dryer was another shiny and bright dime.  Nan was saying hello.

Two dimes.

Dimes have a special meaning.  A few years ago I found myself finding dimes all the time.  Not quarters.  Not pennies.  Just dimes.  I decided to google it.  I learned that I was not alone.  Lots of people were having the same experience.

I started saving my dimes.  Today I have a small container in my kitchen that I put the dimes I find in.  So what do the dimes mean?  I am sure they can mean many different things to lots of different people.  I look at the dimes as a sign that I am being looked after by someone who has passed to the other side.  I often think of my dad or my grandmother.

Two dimes.

I found two dimes on Tuesday during what could have been a very stressful situation if I had allowed my mind to go there.  I didn't.  I kept my cool.  Stayed calm and happy.  Together, Cory and I cleaned the basement.  I kept my dimes in my pocket all day and at the end of the night I added them to my small glass jar.

Tuesday:  cat poop, flooded basement and two dimes.

It turned out to be a good day.

Written by Sherron Watson

I shared two recipes this week.

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  1. I found 2 dimes this week myself....and after reading this I am letting go the nonsense in my head .
    Glad you had buckets!! I like my plastic tubs too ;)

  2. Thank you for the comment Betty Martha! Now that you will be looking for them, I bet you will find a few here and there. Good luck!


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