Friday, February 21, 2014

Sifting Through Life: Time and the Number Four

Seriously?  It's Friday already!

Where does the time go?  Why does it fly by faster than a speeding bullet?

I have missed two weeks of writing this segment on the blog.  Well, there goes one New Years resolution down the drain.   Said with a deep sigh.


I have reflected a lot on this number over the past few weeks.


Four kids is a lot to juggle.  Four of anything is hard to juggle and kids are just so dang heavy.  I can barely lift them off the ground to get them high enough before I have to catch the next one.

(insert smiley face)

Before you start thinking -- well you had them --let me just say I would not trade them for anything in this world.  I would also, for the record, have four more if my mind and body could handle it.

Like any new Mom I am having to adjust my schedule and my life. I am trying to whittle out time for each kiddo, a husband and-- heaven help me--a bit of time for myself.

I live in a world were I flip flop ages all day long. My brain hurts by the end of the day.  Below is an example of a four minute span of conversation at my house.

Baby:  Goo Goo Ga Ga

Isabella:  Mommy will get the Triops there food in a minute.

Baby:  Who is the cutest baby (said in the gooiest and sweetest voice)?

Rye:  Yes, I can drive you to college, give me 5 minutes to brush my hair and find the keys.

Isabella:  Don't cut your Barbie's hair.

Baby:  trilling my tongue to make her smile

Cory:  Is lunch ready?

Drake:  I need a ride to work.

Baby:  Change me!  Change me!  wa-wa-wa-wa

Me:  I need coffee! I need Calgon to take me away for 20 minutes.

..and this goes on all day long.  My time is spent teaching, driving, cooking and cleaning.

How do I make time for myself when the needs of my family are my first priority?

It is true that I struggle to balance it all.  I do realize though, that if I am not making time for myself then I am not at my best for the family that I have chosen to have.

In the past, I would come down really hard on myself for doing simple things to make me happy.  I felt as though I was being selfish with my time.  If I worked on a quilt instead of doing the dishes then it would not sit well with me the next day.

Those days are long gone. THANK GOODNESS

From life experience and with a bit of maturity I know several things:  those dishes will get done, if I deviate from Mommy duties for a few minutes, my family will survive and it's okay for me to stop and refocus for a time.

The things which I do, that allow me to feel as though I do get a bit of time for myself, are not glamorous or large in nature.  This is not me.  I am a simple girl with simple desires.

I take baths.  This is my time.  I can relax, read and play a game on my phone.  Oh, my husband hates that last part!  Water and phones don't mix-- but hey, why do we pay for insurance if we don't use it?

Right?  Okay, you're probably right. It is a bad idea but it makes me happy to crush Candy.

I love to write in my journal.  I love to document each day the events that my family are doing.  I am fearful that I will forget the tiniest moments from my life.  I want to remember what my kids are doing and have done.  So much so, that I am driven to write them down.

I blog.  I find so much comfort in the kitchen, learning new skills, reading cookbooks and feeding my family.  It is a hobby that benefits me and my families tummies.

I thrift store shop.  I grew up buying my clothes, shoes and accessories in Oregon at some of the best consignment stores.  Going into a shop and searching out something that I want or need is exciting in my mind.  The hunt is very rewarding.

The gym.

This is the hardest, of which,  I hate to love.  I will be honest.  I don't like to exercise (<--that word is the most annoying word to write.  I NEVER spell it correctly the first time).  

The gym--stay focused Sherron, you're drifting again.

Every time Cory and I go to the gym the guy leaves there walking on cloud nine.  He has had the best time sweating, running and working his muscles.  It annoys me to no end--lol.

I really wanted to find his attitude for my gym time but I struggled.  I feel compelled to do these things because I want to stay healthy, stay in my weight range and--the most important reason-- it is a way that the two of us get a little bit of time together each day.

My attitude is slowly leaning towards Cory's enthusiasm with the discovery of the rowing machine and yoga.  I was so focused on running and failing miserable at it.  This was souring my attitude toward the gym.

I needed a change and set my heart on the rowing machine and have not looked back.  It is very addicting and I find myself yearning to go to the gym now.   I can't wait to strap my shoes in, set the dial, insert my ear plugs and grab the handle.

slide-pull-slide-pull--the best 45 minutes workout EVER!

Back and forth.  The steady rhythm of the machine puts me into a trance like state.  I close my eyes and feel my muscles working and burning.

breathing in--breathing out--repeat

When I return home and the Littles (Isabella and Finnley) are placed in my arms with hugs and love, my heart is so full.  When Rye and Drake need me--I feel useful.

My day is complete.


Yes, it is a lot.  I do struggle with the juggle of time.

But... will all be gone before I know it and I will be wishing and wanting my home to be filled with FOUR again.

Written by Sherron Watson

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