Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sifting Through Life: A Poem for September 11, 2001

The memories of this day will forever be engrained in my mind as I recall sitting on the edge of my bed watching in horror.

As I watched along with the rest of our country, I weeped.  The tragedy before my eyes was unbelieving.

I turned to a piece of paper and started writing.

The words just flowed from my heart into the muscles of my hand as I rapidly wrote the thoughts that came to my mind.

Today, I woke up and remembered this yellow piece of paper that I had kept so dear to my heart for 11 years.  Every year I have reread these words that I wrote filled with emotion, a sad heart and tears dropping onto the page.

I finished the poem today with a few short paragraphs.

I will never forget the lives that were lost, the hero's that were present.

I will never forget that for a nation so large, we came together.


Where was God today? I ask.
Where were you, when life turned to wearing a mask.

People question His desires,
As we watched with horror at the towers.

I question MY faith
I question MY God

The bottom line, some men are filled with hate.
Their actions have changed our fate.

This we learned with hearts deflated,
Watching today, that we are a country united.

We found the will.

Women and men trying to save,
Those mothers and fathers, oh so brave.

I may ask, where was God?
Look around
I will see, He is here to be.

Our redeemer,
Our healer,
Our mentor,
Our comforter of life.

The life that was taken, families never the same.
Many are lost.

The pain today will not seem real
Tomorrow we will start the very long process to heal.

Forever changed we will be.
A country united and determined to be free.

Where was God?  I ask.
I look inside myself, to see, that he had never left.

When I saw the horror
I knew that our lives had changed forever.
At times filled with sorrow

Will we heal?
Will we Trust?

The answer can only be,


Will we learn?
Will we Question?

The answer will be ,


Eleven years later we learned,


I learned that God never left our sides.

He carried the hero’s.
Held the mourners,
Guided the rescuers.
Comforted the families.

With time we have memorialized those that left.

We wept.

 We Rebuilt.

With certain,  I will never forget the events of that day, September 11th.

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