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Guest Post by the Amazing Haniela's- Mini Sandwich

I am so excited to be sharing my friends Hani's recipe and her site with you.  She is a very talented cook.  Hani and I met about a year ago and  she has been an awesome supporter of Simply Gourmet and myself.  I am honored that she would agree to post this lovely recipe with us.

I can't wait to try these little sandwiches.  Thank you Hani!  You can find her blogging over and Haniela's…her cookies are amazing!  Her face book page is HERE.

Hello, I’m Hani, a foodie behind a blog  Haniela’s

I'm absolutely thrilled to be visiting Sherron's mouthwatering  and picturesque site. I met Sherron on Facebook, and was drawn to her immediately, her cooking and baking reminds  of what  I grew up with in Europe, and together with a combination of Sherron's other talent - photography I was hooked.

Today I'm going share with you a recipe for a delicious sandwich that will leaving you wanting more. Guaranteed.

3 years ago we built  a beautiful garden that we care for from Spring to late Fall and this year we've also planted red beets, my first time growing beets so you can imagine the excitement when I  pulled the first  ones out, deep vibrant color is striking. Don't they look magnificent?! I still have some in the fridge and more are coming up every few days. With that being said, I wanted to try something new, that would have beets in, and sandwich sounded like a great idea. I hope you give it a try.

Mini Sandwiches with  Prosciutto, Beets and Horseradish Cream

3 medium to small red beets
Whole Wheat Baguette, cut into thin slices, or about 12 small bread pieces
4-5 slices of thinly sliced prosciutto
Olive oil
1/2 cup Chobani Greek Yogurt(I used fat free version)
2tbl heavy cream
6tsp prepared horseradish 
4tbl scallions, chopped
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1tsp + more if needed- honey
salt pepper to season
2tbl chopped fresh parsley
1/2 apple, cut in half and sliced into thick slices, total 12 pieces
juice of 1/2 lemon

  • Cook beets in their skin by steaming, until fork tender, remove from heat and let cool slightly, peel off the skins with your fingers, slice the beets into thin slices
  • In a medium dish combine red wine vinegar, scallions and honey, season with some salt and pepper, add sliced red beets and leave to marinade for 20 minutes
  • In the meantime, prepare horseradish cream: in  a medium bowl stir together  yogurt and heavy cream, horseradish, taste and season with salt, pepper and honey  if needed. Stir in finely chopped parsley, set aside
  • cut apple pieces, leaving the skin on, and soak them in the juice of 1/2 lemon for couple of minutes to prevent oxidation, drain and set aside
  • Prepare bread, cut Baguette into thin rounds, brush olive oil  on each side and toast the piece in the skillet, until golden brown on each side, it will take only couple of minutes, on heat heat. Set aside to cool slightly
  • Cut prosciutto into equal pieces  so you have 12 or more pieces,  one piece for each mini sandwich, depending on the size of your bread,
  • Assemble Sandwiches: on each sandwich spread some of the horseradish cream, layer prosciutto ham, pickled beets rounds with scallions, add a teaspoon of horseradish cream and a piece of an apple

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  1. Sherron, thank you for having me over. Post looks great.


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