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Rob's Chili

Rob's award winning chili.
Cory is the second oldest in a family of 6 boys and one girl.  Amy was right in the middle and yes she is pretty tough after growing up with all of those boys. She has turned into an excellent Mom and has 5 kids of her own.  She is a hard worker and I can't believe she was 16 when we got married.

What really shocks me is Cory's youngest brother, Rob, was 7 or 8 when we first met.  That was a life time ago.  Rob is an amazing young man, husband and father now.  He is a soon to be a college graduate, return missionary (Germany) and a musician.

In the picture below he is wearing the plaid green long sleeve shirt.  CUTIE PATUTIE, huh?  He was just a little guy.  My Isabella is almost his age now and she seems little to me…LOL

BUT, then he grew up and met the love of his life, Colette.  Are they not a beautiful couple?  Colette has the prettiest eyes, she is super smart, plays the flute beyond fabulous and is a mother of three darling kidlets.

 Here they are with their three sweet children.  

Rob and Colette have always held a special place in my families heart.  Not just because they are family but more importantly because they are some of the best human beings that we know.  They are compassionate people.  Funny too.  

One of my fondest memories was when we shared Christmas Eve together a few years back and we ate cheese fondue by candlelight.  Oh, such wonderful memories with this cute family.

I was so pleased when Rob said that he won a chili cook-off.  I asked him if I could make and share his recipe.  He immediately sent it to me.  I made it this week, last night to be exact, and it's really, really good!

I loved it alone, dressed up with cheese/sour cream/avocado and served over a hotdog.  Yes, I had to try it all. 

Recipe:  Rob's Chili

1 lb. of ground hamburger
1 small onion, diced
1 16 oz. can of diced tomatoes
1 16oz can of kidney beans, drained
1 15 oz can of tomato sauce
1/3 cup of ketchup
1 16 oz can of chili beans (I used Bush's Chili starter, mild)
1 pkg of chili seasoning (I made my own, see below)
1/2 tsp oregano (1 T. if using fresh)
1 tsp of salt
2 oz. diced green chili peppers (in the can)
2 oz of jalapenos (add more if you want it to be spicier)

NOTE:  In place of the seasoning packet, I substituted this:  4 T. of chili powder, 1T of cumin and 2 tsp. of minced garlic.

Cook hamburger and onion together until meat is no longer red.

In your crockpot, while the meat and onions are cooking, add the remaining ingredients.  Stir well.

Add meat/onion combo and stir again.

Turn your crockpot to high and cook for a minimum of 4 hours.

NOTE:  I don't know what it is, but cooking chili in the crockpot is the best.  It blends the flavors so well, cooks down the chili a bit and creates the best flavor.  Obviously, Rob won first place…LOL

Rob says this makes 8 servings of 1 cup each.  You can also double the recipe with no problems.

Serve your chili with: avocado, sour cream, corn chips, crackers, onion or CHEESE….lots of cheese!

I mentioned that Rob was a musician.  I don't remember when he started playing the guitar but I do remember when he went to Austin, TX to follow his dreams and to play live music and record some music.

I think that is awesome when young adults "just do it" and jump right in.

Rob writes his own music and his songs can be found here.  This was his first album and he is currently working on his second one.  

He has a fan page on FB and that link is here.

I can't wait to hear his second album and we wish him the best of luck in following his dreams of writing and playing music.


  1. When I read your posts it always makes me feel like we are in the same kitchen chatting it up :). The chili sounds delicious! Thanks to you and Rob for sharing :)

  2. Sherron, You are blessed to have Rob and his family in your life, I'm listening to his music as I type this, so talented. And on top of that he can make a mean chili, always an asset! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

    1. Thank you Joan! He just wants his music to be heard like any musician. He will be thrilled that you took the time to listen and I agree the chili was pretty dang delicious!

  3. What a wonderful post! I really love everything about it, Sherron. This looks like THE crockpot chili recipe! Thanks :)


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