Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Birthday and that AMAZING CAKE

Birthdays come and go and for each one I have, I am so grateful to be around for another year.
I love my family so much. I treasure every year that I get to live on this earth with my three kids and my hubby.

I sometimes wonder how one person, like myself, could be so lucky as to have such incredible individuals in my inner circle.

They motivate, inspire, teach, love and still need me.

I know that they won't always need me and so I cling to this now.  As my kids get older, I have seen minicircles of life.  They start off needing ALL of your help, they become independent and then before you know it, they are asking for advice, a hug or help again.   These are those minicircles of life.  We teach, they go and then we reunite on so many levels.

Heck, I still need my Mom sometimes if only just to talk or receive a smile. Oh, but there was a time when I am sure she was ready for me to move on and have my own life.  

I have not felt this way ever and I warn my husband that I don't know if I ever will.  My kids and I are close and I want us to stay that way.  I think he is secretly going behind my back and telling them they HAVE to move out someday despite what I say….LOL  

So on this day, my birthday, I wanted to spend the whole day together with little interruptions from the outside world, primarily video games.  We played board games, ate great food, went to the beach and laughed.  Some of my favorite things to do!

Drake, Me and my Rye enjoying some "laughing" time.  

My day started off with Dutch Babies made by Cory.  I love these baked pancakes and the flavors of powdered sugar, Irish butter and lemon blended together was the perfect way to start my day.

The recipe can be found here.  I have a gluten-free version that is very good and a regular recipe.

The first game we played was Settlers of Catan.  This is my favorite game ever.  We play the version with the cities and knights.  We have played the game so much that we are in need of purchasing a whole new game…LOL

For lunch, we made Beef and Peppers with rice.  This is a quick and easy meal that can be made on the BBQ (see picture below) or at home on the stovetop.  For Sunday, we used the BBQ and I cooked up the sauce on the stove.  It was a bit healthier because there was not so much oil used in the frying up of the meat.

Having teenagers and a 5 year old can be tough at times.  We do a lot together but sometimes the ages don't allow us to do everything together.  She is too young to play some games and the big kids don't want to play baby games.  So we compromised on this day and went to the beach for an hour, played on the tire swing in our yard and she had a friend over.

I love to eat outside.  When we traveled for our year in the motorhome we ate almost every meal outside and it was divine to be among the birds, trees, and smells of the outdoors.  The kids and hubby bought me plants and flowers to add to our porch with our table and chairs outback.  My oldest daughter always buys me roses and I look forward to this treat from her.


 We finished the day off with my son teaching me to play a card game by the name of Magic.  My family loves this game and I wanted to learn so that I could play with them too.

For dinner I made about 100 Gyoza's for the family.  It really is a family favorite.

The grand finale of the evening was my birthday cake.  I spent all day Saturday preparing the layers and on Sunday I assembled it.  All I can say is…it was incredible!

The recipe can be found at Sprinkle Bakes. The name of the cake is a long one…are you ready: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil's Food Cake Cheesecake. 

I have used several of her recipes and they are perfect.  I will warn you that this cake is heavy( as in use two hands to carry it), filling and very rich.  Next time I make this cake I will try to halve it and use smaller pans.

I gave a quarter of the cake to my neighbors across the street and they had nothing but good things to say.  In fact I am slowly winning all of my neighbors over with cakes. LOL  Two more to go.

It was a fabulous day and thank you to my friends and family that emailed, texted, skyped and called me.  You are all wonderful and loved beyond measure!!


  1. Happy Birthday once again, Sherron! Your cake looks beautiful...and you have perfect photography skills to capture it. Your post reminded me how important family is and also shows how great mom you are. Oh and you really a pro making 100 gyozas. ^_^ I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful b-day with your family with laughing and playing games. :-)

  2. A belated Happy Birthday wish to you, dear Sherron! I've no idea how I missed it! Sorry... What matters most is that you obviously had a dream birthday! How richly blessed you are! It sounds like a perfect day. And the cake is absolutely stunning! I salute you! :) xoxo


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