Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cherries and Brie Cheese Appetizer

I love going to our local Farmer Markets.  We have several to choose from.  They start on Wednesdays and go thru Sundays.  We usually try to hit a Saturday or Sunday.  Our favorite is downtown Annapolis in the historic area by the docks.  It's beautiful, alive with action and there is a really good seafood brunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Watching the sailboats coming and going is also relaxing and fun.

Yesterday found us traveling up North on Saturday in search of garage sales. We were able to stop at a local farmers market in the area.  We found the largest cantaloupe's, heaviest watermelon's and the darkest cherries.  We love cherries! We also love cheese!  I have dabbled a bit in making my own cheese.  It makes me happy to know that I can make something that is an old artisanal craft from days gone by.  I recently made some ricotta and mozzarella.  I started off with two fairly easy cheeses. I hope to be able to make some hard cheese this summer.

Cory really likes Brie and crackers.  While at Trader Joe's the other day I picked up some Triple Cream.  This cheese is similar to Brie , in that it is soft and spreadable.  I notice that it often times does not have a strong flavor or smell.  BOY, were we in for a surprise with this new stuff.  The aroma was very strong.  I thought it had a strong smell of Stilton.  Kind of stinky.  I tried some on a cracker and it had a strong flavor too.  Not terrible, but I felt it needed a topping.

DING...DING....DING....(that's the idea going off in my brain)...I bought cherries at the Farmer's Market and I had roasted some almonds the other day for a cake I made.  I figured the cherrie juice would make a wonderful contrast to the cheese and cracker and the nuts would add another layer of crunch to my cheese experience.

So, of course, I had to grab the camera and share this with you this morning.  It's simple.  It's easy.  It's delicious!  I could also do this with peaches, pears or apricots.  I think this is why cheese, fruit and wine go so well together.  The flavors blend and they each enhance the other.  ENJOY!

The crackers that I use are by Schar.  They are gluten-free and so good.

 Cherries and Goat Cheese Appetizer

1 cup of cherries, pitted and diced
1/3 cup toasted almonds
1 small wedge of Brie Cheese
a box of gluten free crackers

1.  Combine the chopped cherries and toasted almonds.    Grab a dab of cheese and cover your favorite cracker and then add a spoonful of the cherry and almond mixture.

Written by Sherron Watson


  1. I love your pictures...
    you are truely talanted

  2. Thank you thefooddoctor! Your kind words mean a lot....


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