About Me

Welcome to Simply Gourmet!

I am so glad to have you visiting my "about me" page and learning who I am and what this blog represents.  I started Simply Gourmet two years ago with the intention of sharing recipes with my kids, family and a few friends.  Little did I know that in a short time I would have a small group of followers, a facebook page, write for my local paper and help a few companies develop recipes.

I live in the beautiful state of Maryland and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay every day with its spectacular views, warm sand in my toes and the wonderful city of Annapolis at my finger tips.  We have lived here for two years and I hope we never leave.

My focus in the beginning was family recipes and then it changed to gluten free family recipes.  The reason I eat gluten free is because I was diagnosed with a sensitivity to wheat that was making me very sick with a variety of symptoms: achy gut, anxiety, depression, hair loss, inability to lose weight, achy joints and over all feeling of "not feeling well".   Many of the recipes on the blog are naturally gluten free which means they do not contain wheat, barely or rye flours.

Food has long been a passion of mine.  I grew up working in my Mom's restaurants in California and Oregon.  I started washing dishes at the tender age of 10, learned to work the grill as a teenager, waited on thousands of customers and eventually went on to manage a very large restaurant in Texas.  My grandmother was a wonderful baker, candy maker and cookie czar.  I learned to read recipes, measure ingredients and bake in an organized fashion from her.  She has since passed and in retrospect I wish I had  spent more time picking her brain when it came to the delicious dishes she baked.  We were able to find hand written recipes and a few of her favorite cookbooks but many of the recipes were partially complete: oven temperature but no bake times, a list of ingredients but no instructions, stars by recipes in the books but no insight into if she like, loved or hated the recipe.  This is why I want a documented place for my kids to come and find recipes, with tips and hints, with do's and don'ts, etc... I want them to succeed and to find that food can stimulate a childhood of memories with aromas and ingredients.  When I am long gone, generations from now will hopefully be enjoying the same recipes and stories.  This is how we stay connected to our families with each passing year in our kitchens.

For Simply Gourmets blog I share things that I make for my family.  The recipes come from other blogs, cookbooks, Pinterest, friends and family.  I love most ethnic foods, but especially: Thai, Indian and Japanese.  I take all of my own pictures.  Taking pictures of food brings me great satisfaction.  For years I photographed people and quickly realized that my talent and abilities were better spent in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and wonderful creations to put into print.

I share about my family, our travels, my thoughts, my challenges and my desires for our lives.  Am I an expert in baking or a chef?  NO.  I am an avid reader, always honing my desire to become better in the kitchen, gluten free enthusiast and a believer that anyone, with the right desire, can cook in the kitchen, live a happy life and find joy in most things.  I have goals of one day being able to attend Culinary School.  At the moment that goal is when I turn 50 (a few short years away).

My blog is my happy place.   I like happy things.  I love to learn.  I enjoy my family.  My kids make me proud.  My husband is my best friend.


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