About Me

Welcome to Simply Gourmet!

This is our family blog where I share our travels, adventures, and food lifestyle.

We are a vegan family. We didn't start out this way. It's been a journey.

We are focused on doing our part for the environment, our bodies, the earth, and our mind, body, and soul.  Throughout this journey, we have paid close attention to how food affects our bodies.  We learned that we do much better when we eliminate dairy, meat, and eggs from our diet. Our skin looks healthier, our minds are clear, and our energy levels are high.

We live at the beach.  We hike, travel in our motorhome, bike, kayak, and explore as much as we can. We live to breathe fresh air.  We live to love our lives.

Pickled Daikon and Carrots

For this salad, I diced up the pickled daikon and carrots and served them in our salads.  They add a wonderful addition to salads and ...