Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Art of Shaving Review and Promo Code

I have been given an array of opportunities to promote products and write reviews over the course of the last year.  I tend to decline these request because I don't use the products or it is something I am not familiar with.  I know this is a food blog but it is also a blog about my life, my kids, our travels and my significant other, Cory.

Cory is a guy that uses something until it no longer functions, has holes, or, in some cases unrecognizable.  We have been married for 25 years and he has had the same razor this entire time.  The problem with his old razor is that it was a two blade and heavy.

He coveted the ad's on tv that would showcase a three or four blade razor. We would shop and he would hold them in his hand and imagine himself using a lighter and more efficient piece of equipment.

the+art+of+shaving.jpgLast year we had a new store move into our mall, The Art of Shaving.  The store is elegantly put together with all of their products on display.  Walking the mall one afternoon we found ourselves chatting with the sales lady and receiving a demonstration of the various razors, creams and other products.

I could see Cory's delight in finding a store that spent time with him and his needs while I was the one patiently waiting for him to be helped.

We soon left the store and he was given a few samples and had chosen the razor he wanted.  He did not feel inclined to buy it because his old razor still worked and he would wait.  How long would he wait?

 Probably forever.

I  decided to surprise him for Christmas 2011.

It has been one year since he has owned his razor from The Art of Shaving.  Christmas 2012 is in a week, and he has used the razor every day.

He loves it because it cuts close, is light weight and easy to use.

The Art of Shaving is offering my readers a special online discount to those that are in the market for a great gift for that special someone in their life.

To get free shipping and 10% off  the ProGlide Power Save set use PROMOTIONAL code: 10PowerSave.

You can follow this link to be directly connected to the gift set:  HERE. Please be sure to use the promo code talked about above.


  1. I just saw The Art of Shaving on TV and I was intrigued especially with my husband starting to look like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty. I will be checking them out. Thank you


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