Wednesday, April 11, 2012

French Toast

I discovered Black Russian Bread a few months ago.  I have always enjoyed the darker breads especially Rye.

While shopping at Whole Foods it is impossible to not be caught up in the selection of fresh breads on display.  

Bread has always been a weakness of mine and on this day the large loaf of Russian bread practically jumped into my cart.

Of course, I may have been secretly encouraging it along the way.

There was no way that we would ever eat the entire loaf before it went bad.  The kids thought it was so-so…it was not their beloved wheat variety.

How could I get my kids to eat this yummy bread?

I would love to find a recipe to make my own from scratch.  If you have one, please share!

Growing up in a restaurant I could have anything I wanted for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Our french toast was made with Texas Toast…you know that really thick slice of bread…oh it was good!  

Our french toast mix was always enhanced with vanilla and cinnamon.   I remember the first time I made this for Cory's brothers, they about fell off their chairs in the kitchen.  It amazed me that everyone did not make their french toast this way.  

Different strokes for different folks…LOL

I know this is a basic recipe but it is also one that can be used with a variety of different breads and different toppings.

I have a rule when making french toast.  It requires that the toppings consist of: butter on one layer, peanut butter on another layer, maple syrup and powdered sugar.  I love this combination.

NOTE:  My last dentist appointment found no cavities..LOL

I don't eat this very often, maybe twice a year so I feel it's okay to splurge once in a while.

My hubby likes his pretty plain…butter and syrup.

Recipe:  French Toast

10-12 slices of bread
5 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 tsp. vanilla
cinnamon,  I actually add this several times

I have an electric grill that holds 8 slices of bread at a time.  I love it.  I preheat the grill to about 325 degrees while I am preparing the mixture.

I like to use a pie plate to dip my french toast in.  Add the eggs, milk, vanilla and cinnamon and give it a good whipping.  

Take each piece of bread and dip it on each side.  I personally like the bread to spend a few seconds in the mixture to absorb the egg mix.  Then when it is cooked on the grill it puffs up and becomes this mouth watering bite of fluffiness.  My husband can't stand it this way and wants the barest egg mix on his toast and for it to be grilled dark.

To each his own!

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