Wednesday, February 29, 2012

118. Teriyaki Salmon by The Boogie Blog

Trying to cook, follow directions, plate your food, take pictures, set the table and gather the family for dinner is and, can be, quite daunting of a task.  It takes organization, endurance and patience.  It makes for some crazy meals, cold food and plated food on the "fly".

Cooking at home for my family is different then going to a set, a kitchen or working for a client.  I always have the right ingredients, the right plates and dinner ware, I never feel rushed, I always have picture perfect food to work with and I am usually not feeling like I just ran a marathon.  LOL

SO, with this said, please keep in mind that some of my "home" pictures from our dinner time meals are not SGP client based but SGP family based.  This is one of those times.

I found this recipe on line and fell in love with it.  We enjoy a good teriyaki sauce and thought that the combination of salmon and teriyaki was a different dinner then how I usually serve salmon.  The recipe was awesome!  The pictures…not so much…LOL  The green onions are too big and the sauce was applied using a baggie…DOPE.  This was a meal that I wanted to eat hot and so the mad dash was on and the pictures were snapped.  I hope that you get the idea of how delicious this meal was even though the salmons looks like a 5 year old plated the meal…LOL  ENJOY!

Recipe:  Teriyaki Salmon by The Boogie Blog…recipe can be found here.

Below are my pictures of how the meal came together.

Salmon marinating in teriyaki sauce.
Salmon right before they went into the oven.

Salmon cooked and served with rice and steamed squash.


  1. I totally understand about the SGP client based vs SGP family based! At home, you just want to get the food on the table before it's all cold!

    Love the recipe for the salmon. I'm a huge fan of teriyaki sauce!

  2. We eat salmon almost once a week! Thanks for the new way to prepare it!

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