Monday, February 27, 2012

Chocolate Crepe Cake

The cat is out of the bag…I LOVE HOLIDAYS!  Give me a reason to celebrate, decorate, cook, dress-up and play….and I will.  I am a big kid at heart and I love to surprise my family with all types of wild things. It's not unusual for my family to wake up and find the house filled with crepe paper, balloons, streamers, glitter and such on most holidays.  WHY?  It's memories.  My kids probably won't remember half of the gifts they will receive as kids but, even to this day, they always remember the green toilet water, my Christmas morning elf outfit, the hearts scattered on the floor, the Easter morning scavenger hunts, etc….


This is what I want my family to treasure from their childhood.  I want them to have child like experiences and to never forget what it feels like to smile, laugh, anticipate, enjoy and share.  These memories make us smile often as we sit around and reminisce about past holidays.  


We have these for a reason.  They help my kids to connect with their ancestry, their parents and grandparents.  It keeps those things that we treasure and value instilled in their beings.  It builds memories.

So, this past Valentine was not any different.  Weeks before the actual day the kids already new what to expect.  The new the TRADITION and had the MEMORIES of the previous years to fall back on.  Isabella, the 5 year old, every day started asking, "is it the 14th yet?"  She new on this day, the house would be covered with hearts…and not just a few…but 100's that I had spent the week cutting out by hand.  The anticipation was there.  

To see a 5 year old so excited about simple things is a joy to me.  They don't get much on this day, but a small box of candy.  For here it was the thrill of waking up to her home filled with a proclamation of her parents love and a room filled with her favorite things…..streamers, glitter, hearts and shiny confetti.

With this in mind, I wanted to surprise my family with something really special.  I have seen these cakes on Pinterest before and thought how cool this would be to make.  I was a little bit nervous because I was not sure if I could get it to look pretty like the pictures that I had been viewing.   

I took the leap of faith and decided to conquer my fear and go with it.  I have made a ton of crepes in my life time and that was not where the fear came from…it was the ideal that the cake may tip over some where along the process of making it.  To my great satisfaction that did not happen.

The family was super excited when I presented this on the table that night for our family "I love you" meal, which was lasagna.  My daughter told me she picked this dish because it was "layered with love"….yeah, I had to wipe a tear too!

The ooh's and aah's were great!  I won't lie…LOL

I love my family and don't need a special day each year to proclaim that, but it is nice to set aside one day that I can do something over the top and unexpected to shout from the roof tops how much I do love them.  They are my world and my everything!  

Recipe:  Chocolate Crepe Cake

20-30 chocolate crepes (use your favorite recipe)

Whip Cream:

8 oz mascarpone cream
2 tsp. almond flavoring
2 cups of heavy cream
1/2 cup of sugar
3 T. beet juice (you can use fresh or from a can)

Strawberries or any other fresh fruit, sliced

As you make the crepes, you can stack them on a plate.  They will easily peel apart as you assemble your cake.

Find a nice plate or cake stand and start layering your crepes, whip cream and sliced strawberries.

I did not have a specific approach to this cake.  I just started layering.  Some layers I used three crepes and the strawberries and then cream, and other layers, it was simply cream, strawberries, crepe and repeat.

I did notice that as the cake got taller it also got narrower…LOL  The crepes on the very top, I started folding in half and then in half again so that they looked like pie wedges and layered them in a circle.

This can be made with regular crepes too.  You could simply change the flavoring for the whip cream and the fruit being used.  I think a lovely mandarin orange cake with bananas and coconut would be fun too.  ENJOY!


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