Sunday, July 31, 2011

BLOG HOP: Hawaiian Luau

Imagine having our Luau here...lots of nice trees for shade and so close to the beach.

Once on the beach, we can ride the waves, snorkel and swim with friends and family.

This is a cove that is wonderful for swimming with little kids.

For the more adventurous, you can hike down to this amazing swimming spot and watch the blow holes. 

I love this picture of Isabella running into the ocean...I love the water in Hawaii too.

Please participate with me in a friendly Hawaiian Luau.  My family and I have had many memorable trips to the islands and enjoy the people and traditions that they work so hard to preserve.  We have tried lots of fun foods and celebrated with fire dancers, tree climbers and amazing dancers.  The islands always bring a smile to my face.  Having been born on Midway Island and living in the Philippines as a child, I love how a luau can bring friends together for a fun event.  ENJOY!

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